Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Card 2017!

Merry Christmas from the Tommerdahls!

Hello!  Whether you're a first time visitor via our Christmas card or a regular follower, thanks for reading!  We are so grateful for YOU and all of our many wonderful friends and family!  Furthermore, in this season of remembering God's gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, we are especially grateful for the way reconciled us sinners back to himself.  What a humbling way he chose to save us!  God becoming man!  And unbelievable, God came to us not as a powerful, handsome, wealthy, royal man...but as a helpless baby, born of an unwed mother, conceived of the Holy Spirit, delivered among animals, and celebrated by the lowly.  I love how God uses the unexpected and the humble that his glory might shine unhindered.  I pray that this would be true of our family - that his light would shine through us, that the world may know that the ONLY thing good in us is Him!  And we are so grateful for Jesus Christ making that possible!

We had a great year that flew by!  I'll write a little summary of a few happenings of our life this past year, but feel free to click on the links to read more if you're interested.:)


Summer turned 7 in August and started 2nd grade.

Summer loves all things rainbow, loves reading, writing stories and poems, and doing gymnastics.

She continues to take piano lessons and has grown in her perseverance as she works through challenges without giving up despite frustrating moments and in her ability to do different rhythms with left and right hands.

Summer continues to love being on stage, and enthusiastically played her role in our church's Christmas musical.

The above pictures represent some of Summer's activities and interests, but more importantly, her heart belongs to God.  She truly loves Jesus and others, and demonstrates it by her empathy, care, love, and generosity for others as well as her desire to know her Savior and the Bible better.  She truly wants everyone to know about Jesus' free gift of salvation and accept it as their own!   


Colton turned 5 in April and started Kindergarten!  He is doing fantastic!

He absolutely loves soccer!  LOVES it!  This year he has enjoyed fantastic coaches in the Soccer Shots preschool program, played on the Gold Cheetahs in the preschool spring league and the Blue Lava in the fall kindergarten league, and is currently in the Little Revvies winter skills clinic.  It is fun to watch him enjoy playing, and is a great way to get his energy out!  I am very proud of how he is growing in both teamwork and in how to encourage his teammates. 

Along with his love of soccer comes his love for the MN Loons soccer team.  

He was so pumped to go with Daddy to get team player autographs and to go to several games this year.

Colton is in his 4th year going strong in being Lightning McQueen's biggest fan!  He was thrilled that Cars 3 came out this year in theaters and continues to love everything Lightning McQueen!

Colton loves all things science, and looks forward to the many science experiments Grandpa K brings over, including building a rocket, magnetizing a nail, making a spectroscope, and learning about capillary action.  He loves gears, building things, and learning about motion.  His eyes get big as he takes it all in!

One thing I love about Colton is how when he loves something (soccer, Lightning McQueen, science, etc) he dives in 100%.  It makes it really fun!  His love for Jesus is no exception, and to me, that is the best.  He truly takes to heart our morning devotions and I continue to see growth in him as he desires to live as Jesus would.


Larkyn turned 3 in July and does preschool at home with Mommy! 

Larkyn's favorite preschool activities have to do with sorting candy into graphs and reading them :).  She is also working on recognizing lowercase letters, counting objects to 10, writing her name, the days of the week, and more!  She LOVES preschool and asks to do it together!

Larkyn loves dress-up.  She will often be found in a "beautiful dress" and high heel shoes and some sort of mix of crown and jewelry!  She loves to have people tell her she looks beautiful and we talk a lot about why she is beautiful.  "Because God made me," she answers. :) One highlight of her year was getting all dressed up, having Mommy paint her nails and curl her hair, having Summer help her pick out stick-on earrings and jewelry, and going to the Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball with her favorite Prince, Daddy. :)

Larkyn's week includes chores with Mommy on Mondays, dance lessons and grandma and grandpa time on Tuesdays (while Mommy volunteers at school), Bible study, gymnastics, and church night on Wednesdays, and swimming lessons on Thursdays.  The highlight of her week, is Tuesdays which includes dance with Ms. Daria!  Larkyn loves dance, especially when she gets to use her tap shoes!

Larkyn also loves to be on stage, and was so excited to be an angel in this year's Christmas program at church.  She loved dressing up in her glittery halo and wings and striking modeling poses in her angel gear during the nativity scene...I couldn't keep a straight face!

I love my one-on-one time with Larkyn.  I love our preschool time.  I love our reading her Bible together cuddled up on the couch and our cuddle naps on our busy Wednesdays.  I love our trips to the science museum, the zoo, and the library.  I love just doing life with her!  But most of all, I love that she loves her Bible on CD and wants to listen to it before bed, while she is getting ready in the morning, and in the car.  And I love our conversations about Jesus in the van as we drive from place to place.  She is very curious and asks great questions and I love watching her understanding of the Bible and God's love for her grow!

10 Years!

Paul and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past June, and I am so grateful for the awesome teammate and friend I have in him.  To celebrate, we went backpacking together in Italy! 


Cinque Terre

And Venice

It was a fantastic trip of history, hiking, memories made, and time spent together!  For more pictures visit this blog post.  The kids had lots of fun at Grandma and Grandpa camp!  For more pictures visit this blog post.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the hope we have because of God's great gift to us in Jesus Christ!


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