Thursday, October 31, 2019


This year we had a monarch, a Lego, and Elsa :)
I took the day off work and was so grateful that the way the kids' school parties were planned, I could make help with all three of them!  It was also fun to watch the costume parade and that all three kids could be in it this year.  Grandma K came for the day too! 




Our neighbor Mr. Ken had the kids over for some Halloween fun and candy too!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Summer's 6th Spiritual Birthday!

Faith in Jesus Christ is FIRST priority in our family, which is why we make such a big celebration out of our kids’ Spiritual birthdays!!! (Each year, we remember and celebrate the individual days each of our kids chose to make faith in Jesus their OWN personal faith by accepting His free gift of salvation. ) Today is Summer’s 6th Spiritual birthday! We celebrated as we do each year - she got to be a servant and make dinner for the family of her own choosing (rainbow spaghetti and meatballs, mermaid slush, rainbow fruit kabobs, cake pops, and more!) and get one gift chosen to help her grow more in her faith. I rejoice in all the ways I see Jesus in and through her as she continues to grow in him!!! Celebrating October 19th, 2013 today!!!! Love you so much Summer Tenleigh!!!

One of my favorite parts about spiritual birthdays, is we go back and remember what God has done!  We so enjoyed reading through these blog posts and rejoicing over what God is doing and has done in Summer's life!  I'll include the links here as to what we read through during dinner....

2013 - Summer's Decision
2014 - Summer's 1st spiritual birthday
2015 - Summer's 2nd spiritual birthday
2016 - Summer's 3rd spiritual birthday
2017 - Summer's 4th Spiritual birthday
2018 - Summer's 5th Spiritual Birthday
2019 - THIS blog post :)

My Birthday!

I turned 35 this week!  I felt celebrated in many ways...

Last weekend Paul and I went on a date for dinner and to see a play!  That same weekend Grandma and Grandpa T and Javonte were in town and they celebrated with a delicious Reese's DQ cake and took these sweet pics!

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, it was "Target Day" at the high school where I teach  (It was a 9 period day instead of 7, with the first two hours being dedicated to helping students who needed extra help).  This meant that I went in early, had a large gap in the middle of the day, and then went in later that usual in the afternoon.  I got to volunteer in the kiddos' classrooms and eat lunch with Larkyn, but I also got the bonus of having lunch with Colton because of the weird schedule at Eastview!!

I also got the most beautiful flowers delivered to my desk at Eastview!!!!

Summer made me feel super special all day with lots of happy birthdays, a sweet note and a puzzle scavenger hunt!

While the rest of my birthday Tuesday was pretty normal (piano lessons, soccer, Bible study....) I couldn't wait for the end of the week when my kiddos would be home for school for MEA break!!!!!  I roped them into going hiking with me for a birthday outing on Thursday :).  They didn't mind too much!

Colton found a giant clam shell!

Larkyn was so excited about her acorn collection!

Summer found a massive roll of bark.

We had a blast hiking on and off the beaten path.  All three kids enjoyed it best when we went of the trail exploring and they had to find their way back to the trail!  They also loved finding walking sticks (crutches) and pine needle pom-poms!

I love these three and am so grateful for every moment I get to spend with them!!

On Friday night, we went out to Olive Garden as a family to celebrate!  It was DE-licious!  I love family time!  Summer made the sweetest book for me of poems/pictures of things she likes to do with me!  The following day, Saturday, we went to Sever's Corn Maze and Fall Festival.  It was the most PERFECT fall day and I loved getting to spend time together as a family!

I am looking forward to Friday morning, when my mom, sister, and I are going out to brunch to celebrate!  I am so grateful for so many amazing people in my life.  I am so blessed!