Thursday, June 30, 2022


 Our June flew by!  A few things we were up to....

Father's Day

This year Grandma and Grandpa T were here on Father's Day and they celebrated with us!  Larkyn and I did a donut run, the kids woodburned frames for Dad to put in his office, and we went out for icecream after Colton's soccer game to celebrate.  We also celebrated with my dad the weekend before!

15 Year Anniversary

Paul and I celebrated 15 years by going out to eat!  We also enjoyed a mini getaway in July to Cuyuna (more on that later!)


We enjoyed a fantastic week of VBS!  I volunteered with Colton's group, Summer led/taught the songs/actions, Colton had his last year as a VBS participant (he is so excited to help be a leader next year!), and Larkyn was in the 2nd grade group!  A special bonus this year, was Grandpa K came to teach one of the Bible lessons for Colton's group and did a great job!   It was also fun because cousins Teddy and Charlie joined us for VBS so we got to see them every day!

picnic after VBS


Colton had SUCH a fun soccer season!  He loves the game and had so many friends on the team.  I never remembered to take videos or pictures (I was too busy cheering!) so thanks to Grandma and Grandpa T we have some videos.  Here is a video of one of Colton's goals that Grandma and Grandpa caught on video during the Lakeville tournament. 
 (*His soccer pics were taken at the beginning of the season before he decided to grow out his hair shaggy so its funny to see the difference between the first two and the end of season tournament pic!)

Grandma and Grandpa T came to all 3 games of all 3 tournaments!

Grandma and Grandpa K, Uncle Eric, Auntie Kristin, Teddy and Charlie also came to support Colton - he had such a cheering section!

Dunking Colton became a favorite thing after hot games!

What a fun season!

Random Stuff

I was absolutely THRILLED on my last day of work to start summer with my favorite three kids!  We went out to Dunkin Donuts to celebrate and hung out at a park.  THE BEST.

The next few snap shots are the status quo at our house.  No matter where we go, the kids bring a book for the car.  As we walk around doing errands they are reading as they walk.  I am very blessed that all three love to read.

We have loved getting wet!  From swimming lessons, to the beach, to the waterpark, to the lakes by Grandma and Grandpa's cabin and trailer (more on that in the next post), playing in the water is one of the best parts of summer!

Larkyn with her mini turtle at the beach :)

Cousin waterpark time

Colton decided this summer that he wanted to start a "pick-up" sports morning.  He listed out friends from the neighborhood, school, church, his soccer team, his basketball team, etc and we texted out a date and a time to meet at our neighborhood park, and told boys to feel free to bring friends.  The boys played rock paper scissors to determine new captains each time they changed sports and voted on which sports to play.  It was such a huge success that we have done quite a few this summer, and the group has grown quite large!  They have played football, soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball, and sandman.  Its all kid-organized and its been really awesome watching Colton lead in away that gives every kid a voice.  He has such a great group of guy friends I am SO grateful for each one of them!

Summer has really enjoyed a pool-side Bible study put on by an amazing gal from our church.  I feel SO grateful for the amazing women that pour into Summer, as well as for the sweet, sweet unconditional friendships she has - they pray for each other and support each other as well as laugh, be themselves, and truly enjoy time together.

Summer had her cheer banquet in June.  Pictured with her is sweet friend Adelle.

Summer's elementary school friend Kate moved to Tennessee several years ago.  Summer and I traveled out to see them the year after they moved.  In June, Kate came back to MN and texted asking if she could surprise Summer.  Summer was SHOCKED and it was pretty great!

Summer and I have enjoyed many evening walks together as a way to connect.  This particular night the sunset was gorgeous!

Larkyn is my constant buddy!  Now that the kids are older, they always have the option to stay home when I run errands.  Larkyn almost ALWAYS picks to come on errands with me (vs stay home), and I love having her along!

What a great start to summer!  The next post will include pics from our weekend getaways to Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood's cabin and Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer!