Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had such a fun 4th of July weekend!  Paul had Friday off, which meant we had three whole days of awesome family time.  I LOVED it! 

On Friday morning we had a family date to the splash pad in Rosemount.

We came home for naps, then Paul grilled us steak!  (He grilled all three days - steak Friday, pizzas Saturday, and ribs Sunday- Mmmm!  Thanks, honey!!!)

Then after dinner we headed over to Johnny Cake Park for some 4th of July special activities!

Large Vehicles - including the kind of bus daddy takes to work

Driving the bus


Larkyn's first time driving the fire truck!
All Smiles :)

Pony Rides for the older two...

and petting zoo for Larky-Loo.  She giggled so much! 

Dance Party!

On Saturday, July 4th, the kids participated in the Half Pint Half Mile Race as part of Apple Valley's Freedom Days.  Summer has been asking to do a race for months and was so excited.  I don't think Colton really understood what he was getting himself into, but he wanted to do it because Summer was doing it!

Summer ran the whole way and looked like she could have kept going!

She does everything with a smile!

Colton ran the first half strong, but was looking pretty tired by the last leg, so Larkyn and I ran with him :)

He was so excited to see the finish line! I was so proud of his perseverance - he was really tired but kept running!

Summer finished the race, then waited to cheer on Colton.  She jumped back in the race and held his hand as they crossed the finish line together.  Too cute!  Love them.
With their ribbons
 We had a low key rest of the morning, and let Larkyn take a long morning nap.  Then we packed up food for lunch and rollerbladed/pushed the strollers to our parade. 


Larkyn watched the noisy parts of the parade, but was otherwise more interested in the things in front of her to play with or eat :)

The older two watched the entire parade with wide eyes!  They hardly blinked except when I offered them freeze pops to keep them hydrated!

My two fav boys :)
 Larkyn and I rollerbladed back a bit early as she was ready for a nap, but the older two and daddy stayed til the end of the parade.  After dinner, Daddy put on a fireworks show!  Our neighbor Mr. Ken joined us too! 
Stud Pyro :)


I loved watching their faces during the fireworks!  I watched the kids more than I did the fireworks!!

Watching everything!
 We got the younger two kiddos to bed, and then Summer and Daddy had a late night date to the carnival and fireworks show!
Soooooo excited!

Sno Cone!

Waiting for fireworks



Summer's Last Soccer Game

Summer's last soccer game was on Larkyn's birthday.  She finished her soccer season with a bang, scoring 3 goals!  It was especially fun that Grandma K, Uncle Jordan, and Auntie Madison were there to watch :).  She has improved SO much this season, from being more of a "reactive" player to a "proactive" player.  She is still the same sweet girl, but she is quite the tough trooper on the field, getting up when she gets knocked over, driving the ball to the goal, and is quite strong on defense.  She still has her same smile throughout the game and it is fun to watch her play.  Here are 4 short clips from her last game, including two of her three goals (I missed the last one on video) and her getting her end of season trophy ;).

Now it is Colton's turn!  He is SO excited!  He is playing soccer through the YMCA starting tomorrow night in a Tuesday night league and he can't wait! More to come on that :)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Larkyn turns ONE!

It is TRULY amazing how fast a year goes.  Seems like it wasn't that long ago since we were meeting Larkyn for the first time and now she is already ONE!

A bit about Larkyn at age ONE:
-She is still volleying between needing one and two naps a day.
-She eats everything we eat in tiny pieces (no more pureed food) and is a great eater.  
-She drinks whole milk.
-She has two teeth.
-She army crawls with two arms and one leg (one leg is dragged behind her!)
-She will walk if someone holds both her hands.
-She loves to lay on her back and kick both feet up/down/up/down.
-She loves to explore and her favorite toys to play with are things that are not her toys!
-She has determined her favorite blankie - a pink one with hearts - and will point to it in her crib as if asking for it.  
-She says DaDA, MaMA, Ba (ball), ah-ah (uh-oh), uh-uh (no-no), and "da" (what's that?) along with other gibberish!
-She giggles a lot!
-She loves to swing and splash in water.
-She is growing more opinionated and has a cute scrunchy angry face and a little protest cry that most often can be easily distracted away.
-She loves to press buttons.
-She has many facial expressions.
-She is such a blessing to our family and I couldn't imagine life without her!

As much as I don't want her to grow up, I truly have more fun with her each day.  With that being said, I am truly trying to enjoy each baby moment as much as possible.  She is SUCH a fun baby!

She melts my heart and makes me forget anything I am worried about with her little smile.  All I want to do is cuddle her close!

With each of my kids, I want to REMEMBER their baby stage, and for me the best way to do that is to capture as much of their expressions, voices, mannerisms, likes, etc on video.  So I did the same thing with Larkyn on her first birthday.  I followed her around all day with my video camera, just trying to capture each moment and remember it forever!  Below is Larkyn's first birthday video, a compilation of moments on her birthday, including waking up, naps, eating, going to the park, playing, opening presents, going to sister Summer's last soccer game, cupcakes, bath and bed.  Because Paul and Summer had their last soccer game from 6-7, Paul got off work early and got home by 4:30 so we could do presents and an early dinner before the game.  It worked out perfectly :).  Here is her video:

 Happy Birthday Larky-Loo!  We all love you so much!!!