Saturday, September 9, 2017

Larkyn - Preschool and life at home with Mommy!

Sweet girl trying on her winter gear!
Mommy and Larkyn get lots of special time together now that she is the only kid left at home during the school day!  I wasn't exactly sure what our new routine would look like, but we easily developed a comfortable new rhythm of a fun outing, errand, or social activity in the morning after we drop off the older kids at school, coming home for lunch, and then a quiet afternoon of Mommy-Larkyn preschool, Bible reading, quiet time, and cuddles/books on the couch until we pick up the big kids.  I have truly enjoyed my time with Larkyn this week and love, love, love the fact that I get these special two years filled with 1-on-1 time with her.  I have been looking forward to this ever since she was born, as it has in the past been tricky to get time alone with her given her busy, talkative older siblings!  Here is a look at our first week broken into two pieces: 1) Preschool with Mommy and 2) Fun with Loo

Preschool with Mommy

Every day Larkyn asks to do "preschool".  She loves it, and doesn't want to stop!  Its pretty cute.  This week we worked on letter names and their sounds, identifying numbers, counting objects, and writing her name.  Here are some pictures and videos from this week.

Practicing tracing in preparation of writing letters (using paper in plastic sleeve and dry erase marker)

Practicing identifying numbers and counting objects

VIDEO: Identifying numbers and counting objects:

Practicing tracing/erasing her chalk name with water, paintbrush, and chalkboard.
VIDEO: Chalk Name

Reading her Bible daily

Making her first bar graph out of last Easter's jelly beans (lol!) and learning about "least" and "most"

Practicing tracing the letters of her name in a salt tray
VIDEO: Salt Tray

Letter flashcards to practice identifying letters and their sounds

Larkyn's shaving cream art done at a Mom's Club event

Showing her art to her siblings after school :)

Candy corn math

Practicing tracing her name with a pencil and forming her letters correctly
VIDEO: Name Tracing

Love this handy dandy pencil gripper for teaching her how to hold her pencil
Larkyn's name tracing


Fun with Loo

We spent our first day of school at the zoo with friends!

And then came home to cuddle and read books!

Larkyn gets a lot more opportunities to cook now that the older siblings are out of the way!  (Spreading the oil on the spaghetti squash)

Larkyn is my most adventurous eater - so we've had fun cooking different lunches together and trying new recipes.  She tried shrimp for the first time and loved it!
I didn't get any pictures, but on Wednesday morning, we volunteered to watch the kids of the BSF leaders while they had their training.  On Thursday morning we had swimming lessons and went to a friends house to play.  On Friday morning we went to the children's museum.

She loved working the car wash

We spent about an hour in the air/ball room sending balls all different directions. I had fun with this room too!

Sledding/skiing down carpet hills with the special shoes :)

I have really seen a confident and independent side come out of Larkyn when her older siblings aren't around.  She is no longer in their shadow, but her own person, proactively introducing herself to others, initiating conversations with employees, and actually surprising me by how outgoing she is in public!  Here she initiated puppet play with a worker at the children's museum.
Balancing area :)
Generally speaking, our weekly fall routine for Larkyn at home will include:

Monday: Chore Day (Cleaning, laundry, and groceries)
Tuesday: Dance Class and time with Grandma and Grandpa K while Mommy volunteers in the big kids' classrooms and with math connection at their school
Wednesday: Bible Study Fellowship/BSF (and after school gymnastics with Summer)
Thursday: Swimming Lessons
Friday: Volunteer at Southview together and Play Day!

I know its going to be a great year with my little Larkyn!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School!

We now have the first week of school under our belt - and the kids did AMAZING!  Seriously.  I kept waiting for the tired meltdown to start for Colton, as its his first experience going to school (and all day kindergarten at that) and every day he came running out of school exuberantly and enthusiastically saying "It was the best day!" and every morning he woke up excited to go back!  The first day was no exception as he was SO incredibly excited to go!  While I will admit I was not looking forward to sending him off to school (I like having him home!) he couldn't have made it any easier on his mama...being confident, excited, enthusiastic, giving me lots of hugs, telling me all about his day after school each day, and being able to be his amazing self even after a long day...he rocked his first week for sure!  And Summer, while self-admittedly having mixed feelings of going back after a great relaxing and fun-filled summer, also did an amazing job acclimating back to the school schedule, confidently walking in on the first day, and keeping a great attitude through the whole week despite feeling tired some mornings.  She enjoys her new class and teacher and I am very proud of her, and so grateful that she too, will sit and tell me all about her day when she gets home!  This mama is so thankful her kiddos love to talk :).  Without further ado, here are some pictures of the first day...

Our school is finishing a construction project - hence the dirt!

They walked in confidently, hand in hand, without looking back.  Good thing I had my sunglasses on to hide my tears :-)...they are growing up so fast!  They are such good kids and I am so thankful for them and proud of them, and pray God's blessings and protection over their year.

Monday, September 4, 2017

State Fair Part II

We had a blast as a family at the State Fair on Labor Day!  It was a day full of perfect memories as a final hurrah to summer!


Little Farm Hands

I got to start one of the tractors :)

The kids loved dancing up on stage after one of the dance shows.  Here is pictured Larkyn dancing away!  Click here for a link of Colton and Summer dancing...I dare you not to smile as you watch Colton lol!  I will try and get a link of Larkyn dancing up soon!  Check back!

Chocolate shakes at the logger show!

MN United Soccer Team!

Spinning for a free prize...

MNUFC Sunglasses!
Sweet Martha Cookies!
I have such amazing memories of this day. I love my family and the opportunity to go to the state fair together.  It was the absolute best way to spend our last day of summer!