Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Haircut for Colton

I've always had fun doing the girls hair, but don't usually get to have the same fun with my little boy!  Well, I decided it could be fun to try a new hairstyle for him (why not?!).  Over the past month we have allowed his hair to grow a little longer and I just brought him in yesterday for a new "hipster" cut that it is pretty popular around here.  I'd imagine he will probably look back at pictures of his stylin' hair and wonder why I ever "did that" to him (sorry in advance buddy!) but I do think he looks pretty handsome in it :).  He is such a chill kid ~ he totally doesn't care at all what he looks like, which I love :).

I also think that he is looking older!  Yikes.  He is pretty excited when he tells me he will be going to kindergarten next year.  Slow down time!!! :)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year! Wrapping up Christmas and 2016 before jumping into 2017!

We had a fun New Year's Eve celebrating with our neighbor, Mr. Ken and ringing in the new year with sparkling grape juice!  However, before we officially enter the new year, I have quite a few random pictures of Christmas and winter fun that didn't make the past few posts, so I'll photo-dump them here to wrap up the year before starting 2017!

Love this pic of Larkyn admiring herself in her new Christmas dress!

The kids made snowmen ornaments with "sock" hats to give to family this Christmas.  Larkyn helped paint the balls white and the older two helped with the faces.

The older two went all over our street handing out invitations to our Christmas program at church :).  We were so excited that our neighbor Mr. Ken came!

Colton and Summer were a big help putting the stamps on our Christmas postcards.

Watching Frosty the Snowman :)

We baked a lot throughout the holiday season and stock piled our goodies in the deep freezer.  We made little plates of cookies to pass out with our Christmas card to the neighbors when our family went caroling.

Bundled up for neighborhood caroling!

We did the Jesse tree advent calendar as we anticipated Christmas, reading Scriptures at dinner together that foreshadowed/lead up to Christ's birth, as well as this felt advent calendar from my Grandma Kirkwood.

We all loved getting Christmas cards and this year made a Christmas card wall.  The kids loved looking at the wall and finding pictures of their family and friends.

We had a fair amount of snow!  Colton took his little snowplow out in the snow to plow the picnic table...I had to take a picture!

Can you find the mini snowplow in this picture?!? It's on the bench....;)

December is perfect for snuggles and reading!

Oh this munchkin ;)

 Colton has been busy building lots of legos he got from Grandma and Grandpa T and Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty

Summer's dollhouse is now in Larkyn's room, which is really fun for her!

Summer gets to keep the new Barbie house that the girls got from Grandma and Grandpa T in her room :).

First Grade Fashionista...

 Larkyn getting her winter ribbon at gymnastics.

Big Bro and Lil Sis in the snow...

 Larkyn is a Lil' Climber just like her mom....

We made lots of visits to this indoor park to burn off energy when it was too cold to be outside.
 Colton doesn't do "art" as much as Summer so I like to capture his!  This is a fire engine.

Grandma and Grandpa K visited Summer for lunch at school and got to see her class!

Larkyn has been loving a duplo lego set she got from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul and asks almost daily to put it together again!

Larkyn vacuuming with her new vacuum from Grandma and Grandpa K :)

There was a special exhibit at the Minnesota Institute of Art about Martin Luther so we went as a family over winter break.

I got to go cross country skiing with my cousin Jenna, Uncle Scott, and my dad.  It was SO fun and makes me want to get skiis!

My best high school friend and college roommate, Megan, got married.  I got to be personal attendant and Paul was super dad with the three kids while I was busy all day with wedding stuff.  This picture was taken post-9pm and its not the best, but it documents it anyway.  It was a fun wedding and I enjoyed seeing high school and college friends!

We got to babysit Teddy for a day!

Sweet boy!
Well, I think that wraps my December catch-all post!  On to more adventures in 2017!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obermayer Christmas

After a quick turnaround of laundry and repacking on the evening of the 25th, we headed out early the morning of Monday the 26th to drive to Chicago for the annual Obermayer (my mom's side) family Christmas.  One highlight of this trip for the kids is getting to stay in a hotel and swim in the pool!

On the 27th, we gathered at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul's house.  GeeGee is up to 9 great-grandkids now and they have fun playing together!

It takes four tables to feed us all ;)

Big kids table

Moms and Babies

The hubbies of us cousins and Cousin Kendall

The "adults" :)

The kids enjoyed a "4th" present opening and were excited to have their own Cubbie Bear and Sparkie stuffed friends (mascots from their Wednesday night church club, AWANA) :).  Thank you GeeGee!

The kids also loved their presents from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul - a magnetic construction set for Colton, books and a game for Summer, and princess Legos for Larkyn.  We adults enjoyed a grab-bag exchange game complete with a dice round of "steals".  It was fun to see everyone!  We drove home late that evening and home a bit before midnight.  It was a fun season of "Christmas" but it was also fun to look forward to some "home" time to relax and play!