Monday, April 14, 2014

April 12th, Colton's family party

Our lucky little 2-year old had 3 celebrations in a row!  Woah!  This weekend, Colton's grandparents and uncle and aunts, and GeeGee Sandy showered him with so much love and generosity- I feel so incredibly blessed to have them in our lives in such a big way.  Most importantly, I am so grateful for the godly example and prayers they lift up for our little guy.  I am seriously, soooo blessed.  Thank you to all of you who came to celebrate with us!  Here are some pictures from the day (special thank you to Grandma Kirkwood and Grandpa T for taking such great pictures and sharing them with me!)
The very blessed birthday boy!

The wonderful big sister

Thomas the Train bag!

Woah, what is in there?!

After opening his train table, he was basically glued to it for the rest of the day...
...and has already spent hours playing trains both by himself and with anyone who will play with him :)

He also LOVED this Cars theme water bottle and carries it all over!

When asked what he got when he opened this box, he exclaimed, "WHEELS!"

When did he get so big??

The grandpas were put to work assembling Colton's bike and train table while we made lunch :)

love this shot of Summer and Uncle Eric :)

Menu was an easy choice Cheeseburgers and French Fries...some of Colty's FAVORITE foods!

Our amazing family members that were able to come celebrate with us...Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric, Grandma and Grandpa T, Summer, Grandma and Grandpa K, Colton, Uncle Javonte, GeeGee Sandy, Daddy (and Uncle Ty and Auntie Sarah came over after work).
Here is a video of everyone singing to Colton:

The birthday boy was talking about this Thomas the Train cake for literally DAYS beforehand!

 Grandma and Grandpa T, Javonte, and GeeGee Sandy stayed all weekend and made lots of memories with the kids.  Both Grandma and Grandpa T are such fun playmates for the kiddos...they played cars, tracks, and trains for a veeeeery long time, read lots of books, had a tractor coloring contest with the leftover tractor coloring sheets from Colton's tractor party, played basketball, and generally "played hard" all weekend ;). 
Reading books
We moved Colton's basketball hoop up to the living room for the weekend and ALL the boys had fun shooting hoops...Colty especially loved using his new Cars theme ball!

Cute picture of Daddy and Grandma T...definitely can see the resemblance between the generations!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11th, Colton and Ian's Kiddie Tractor Birthday Party

Kaity and I co-planned Colton and Ian's 1 year birthday party, and we both decided to do it again for the boys' 2 year party!   My amazing mom took pictures to document the party, so all that I will share here are from her (thanks mom!).  Also a HUGE shout out thanks to "Papa George", our family friend and farmer, who drove his tractor to the party and gave the kids rides.  That was definitely the highlight!

"Farmer Colton" playing at the party :)


Summer and Adry on the scooters

Summer and Adry riding bikes

Pin the wheel on the Tractor

Colton's turn!


Chocolate donuts were "tractor tires"

Rice Krispie treats were "hay bales"

The utensils were pitch forks, saws, and shovels


Papa George on his tractor

Colton's turn to drive!

He was LITERALLY all smiles!

Beautiful Summer took a turn!

Colton and Amelia

Papa George gave the kids rides.  Summer (being not at ALL shy) showed the other kids how it worked ;)

Summer smiled the whole time!

Colton's turn...

Colton took his driving very seriously, and Papa George even let him do the evidenced by the swervy path of the tractor!

Some kids played in the backyard while others waited in the front yard for a turn on the tractor with Papa George

Papa George with his sweet wife Evelyn

Lunchtime!  Sloppy Joe's, MacnCheese, Clementines, and Goldfish

Picture with Mommy and the Birthday Boy!

Me and my awesome hubby!

Family :)

And one last shot...with the photographer :-)
Here are two of each of the kids with their turn for the tractor ride with Papa George...

April 10th, Colton turns 2!

I feel SO blessed.  So many people showered love on Colton on his birthday--the day was absolutely PERFECT!  I loved watching his smile throughout the day.  He doesn't get to pick things very often, so it was pretty fun to see him be the center of attention!  His big sister was also AWESOME, and thrilled and excited for him constantly, letting him do everything and keeping an awesome attitude the whole day.  I am so proud of her. 

Grandma and Grandpa T sent a super cute birthday video to Colton of them singing him the Tommerdahl happy birthday song, which I will share in this video...

Colton was ecstatic that Grandma Kirkwood came to spend the day with us!

We did all sorts of Colton things :). 

1) We started the day with muffins, Bible reading, and books.


2) After Grandma came, we headed to Zeigler in Bloomington to look at/climb all the big equipment!

3) Then to Burnsville Mall to play in their kiddie car area.

4) Colton picked Culver's "cheeseburger, applesauce, and icecream" for lunch.

5) After naps, we had a 4pm appointment with the Apple Valley Fire Department to look at their trucks (We have such a friendly, nice fire department!)

6) Then we played at the "fire truck" park, sandbox, and had dinner.

7) After dinner we opened presents.  My Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle sent birthday packages with such thoughtful gifts for our little boy!  Thank you to them!

8) We read his new Pixar car and Thomas the Train books before bath and bedtime.

Here is a short video full of clips from the day, including his birthday wake-up :)...