Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ECFE Class and Mommy's Project

 Wednesdays are one of Mommy and Summer's favorite days of the week.  Every Wednesday afternoon we've been enjoying going to the ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) Baby Playtime.  There are lots of moms and babies up to a year old and the area is all set up for moms to play with their babies!

This week Summer drove a plastic tub boat....
Played in the pool with plastic balls...

 Did some tummy time (to practice getting her neck muscles strong enough to crawl)...

 and we sang lots of fun songs during circle time such as "The wheels on the bus", the "Coo-coo clock song", the "eensie, weensie, spider" and "Pat-a-cake"!!!!  We had such a good time!

Meanwhile, mommy enjoyed working on a new project around the house.  After a garage sale, a neighbor put a bunch of stuff that didn't sell out on the curb for free.  One of those items was a "baby treadmill".  I have been wanting some sort of a walker for Summer because she has such strong legs and no opportunity to exercise them, so I picked it up.  It was VERY dirty and had really ugly 80's fabric and colors.  Here is a BEFORE picture of the treadmill and fabric....

I power sprayed the walker clean, and washed the cushion in the washer.  Then I recovered the seat in some fabric I had, and spray painted part of the treadmill with some paint I found in the basement from our house's previous owner.  It goes much better with our decor now.  Here are some after pictures. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Summer Star

Summer Tommerdahl stars in several new productions "The Bumbo Seat I", its sequel "The Bumbo Seat II", and "A Splash of Summer".  Co-stars Tucker Tommerdahl and Daddy Tommerdahl also make an appearance with narration by Mommy Tommerdahl.  Enjoy!

The Bumbo Seat I
The Bumbo Seat II
A Splash of Summer 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer in September!

Hi everyone!

I have been having so much fun being 7 weeks old!  Let me tell you what I have been up to!

I now can hold a rattle!  See this video of me!

I am learning when mommy and daddy talk to me and I can look at them give them smiles in response.  This is so much fun for mommy and daddy!  I still like bath time as much as ever!

I also am learning to follow you with my eyes.  I can watch the mobile above my swing when it turns and this keeps me occupied for a while!  

I got to go eat lunch with daddy at is work on Wednesday! 

On Thursday, I got to go to an Apple Valley High School pep fest with mommy and meet lots of her students.  Then I went to the football game on Friday night.  (Well, the first part anyway, and then it was my bedtime!)  Mommy's coworkers gave her an Apple Valley sweatshirt for me when they found out she was pregnant.  It is for when I am 18 months, but  I wore it anyway!

This weekend I went to Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood's cabin in Wisconsin.  I had SO much fun!  I tuckered myself out playing so hard that I slept 8 hours on Saturday night---in a row!

On Monday, about 20 of Mommy's Young Life girls came over to hang out and I had LOTS of girls holding me and they all said I was very cute :)

On Wednesday I got to go to Baby Playtime with mommy and lots of other mommy's and their babies in Apple Valley.  We sang lots of fun songs!  Mommy says we can go every Wednesday afternoon!

Can you see?  My life is so much fun!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Stuff!

Summer news:

Aug 25th FIRST BOTTLE.  Mommy couldn't believe how long it took to pump it and how quickly Summer scarfed it down!  Daddy enjoyed feeding Summer!

Aug 27th FIRST DIAPER EXPLOSION Mommy was at a grandma shower with ladies from Grandma Kirkwood's church.  Summer wanted to make sure she was the center of attention and pooped through her diaper, through her outfit, and all over mommy's pants!  Grandma helped clean up the mess!

Aug 28th FIRST THEATER To celebrate Auntie Kristin's birthday, we went to a musical.  Summer got dressed up for the occasion even though she slept through most of it!

Aug 31st 4 WEEK OLD PHOTO SHOOT Mommy had fun with this!  Tucker even got his face in a few pictures! See pictures

Sept 3rd FIRST ROAD TRIP Over Labor Day weekend we went to Grandma and Grandpa Tommerdahl's house.  Summer did great in the car and slept the whole way there!

Sept 5th FIRST BOAT RIDE Grandpa Tommerdahl took Summer on her first boat ride.  She was unsure about the life jacket, but once we got going she enjoyed the motion and the sound of the motor.


Sept 9th FIRST VIKINGS GAME Daddy was especially excited about sharing this moment with Summer!

Sept 9th FIRST FULL NIGHT IN THE CRIB After a rocky first few weeks with Summer being very "burpy" after eating, she did not do well on her back right after a feeding, so we had her sleep in her bouncer chair to keep her head above her stomach.  Over the last few days Summer has enjoyed more playtime on her back and Mommy and Daddy felt it was time she learned to sleep on her back.  It was a rough night, but she made it! 

And a few more random pics :)