Saturday, April 27, 2019

Church Directory Pictures

Our church is putting together a church directory this year, so they asked everyone to sign up for a slot to get their picture taken.  Here are our two favorites :).

Lunch with Daddy

All three kids got to have special lunch with Daddy this week!  Daddy had Good Friday off work, but the kids had to go to school to make up for all the snow days we have had thus far, so Daddy went to have lunch with both Summer and Colton!  They were ecstatic to have Daddy there!

Larkyn and I rode the lightrail to go eat lunch with Daddy at work this Friday.  It was especially fun because the food trucks were out!  Larkyn is so excited to have special time with Mom and Dad all by herself!

Look at the size of this gyro!  I've never seen one so large!  It was delicious!

Kindergarten Open House

Larkyn had her special date with mom and dad to Southview's Kindergarten Open House this week!  She is so excited for Kindergarten! 

She says she is most looking forward to lunch and computers, but playing in the classroom also is exciting!  She loved the baby doll stations best.  As much as I don't want her to grow up, I am so glad she is excited and I'm excited for her to have the fun of getting to go to school with her siblings :).

Monday, April 22, 2019

Tommerdahl Visit + Easter!

Per last post, we wrapped up Colton's birthday on Easter weekend with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa T, Uncle Jordan, and Uncle Javonte (see previous post for pictures).  Besides celebrating Colton on Saturday, we had a great weekend being together and celebrating our Risen Savior.  Here are a few pictures!

The kids LOVE Grandpa's dog Bode!

The weather was GORGEOUS!  Played baseball, bean bags, soccer, did gymnastics, climbed trees, 

went for a family bike ride....

Mr. Ken, our neighbor, had candy Easter baskets for the kids!   I will include that picture here when I receive it!  He is so generous with them and we were so excited when he agreed to spend Easter with our family!

Easter Dinner!  Paul saved the day when we realized our oven wasn't heating up two hours after sticking the ham in...(so weird as it was working fine earlier in the week!) and he quickly put the ham in the smoker!  Our neighbor Ken let us use his oven as our rolls were rising, but we had no oven!

I took a great picture of all 10 of us sitting down to Easter dinner....including our neighbor Mr. Ken who also joined us for church that morning....but for some reason it didn't take :(.  Oh well!  It was a really great picture so you'll just have to imagine it!

The boys hid 60 eggs...20 for each kid...all around the yard!  Summer looked for orange and yellow eggs, Colton looked for blue and green, and Larkyn looked for pink and purple.  Each were hidden according to ability and contained a coin or two!

Larkyn immediately asked Javonte to be her finding-eggs buddy and stuck close to him - so sweet!

It was so nice out so we decorated eggs outside!

Grandma and Grandpa T got the kids beach towels!  And Kites!  So we spent the rest of the gorgeous afternoon flying kites at the park near us!

We also celebrated Easter with the Kirkwood side in conjunction with celebrating my mom's birthday!  We enjoyed dinner together and she had Easter baskets for the kids.  The kids have been enjoying listening to the new Jesus Seeds CD and Psalms CDs and also injoyed using the fancy sidewalk chalk markers to decorate both Auntie Kristin's and our driveways!

As much fun as all these things are, we celebrate most the REASON for the holiday - we are so grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us and for rising again so we have the hope of eternal life with him!!!  One of my favorite parts of Easter this year was reading through an Easter Bible reading plan as a family in the weeks leading up to Easter.  I love our family conversations and how much more (especially the older two ) are able to understand and discuss.  We are SO beyond blessed.  Thank you, Jesus!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Happy 7th Birthday, Colton!

Happy 7th Birthday, Colton!

Here are 7 pictures and 7 facts about Colton at age 7...

Colton loves soccer...playing soccer and watching the Loons!

Colton loves sweatpants, and wears them every day of his life...except for the two hours we are at church on Sunday :)

Colton loves math and is very quick with numbers.  He also loves science and learning how things work.

Colton has a huge smile and is excited and enthusiastic about life in general.  He is very grateful and is truly a sweetheart!

Colton has a large rubber bracelet collection which he wears daily on both wrists and his ankle.

Colton loves to make people laugh, especially his cousin Teddy, and is so good with little kids.

Colton LOVES Jesus, loves to learn about people's "Jesus stories", and has a heart that strives to know and obey God's Word. 

We are so proud of the young man you are growing into, Colton!  Stay strong in Jesus!!!

We love celebrating birthdays!  Birthdays at our house are not just one day...they are week+ long events, with lots of ways to celebrate and make the birthday person feel special.  Colton's 7th birthday was no exception!  His birthday run-down includes:

Saturday April 6th"Birthday Party" with Adrian at Crayola Experience
Tuesday April 9thCelebration with Kirkwood Side at Annie's Parlor
Wednesday April 10thActual birthday and celebration with family
Saturday April 13thBreakfast in Bed and Birthday Outing with Dad to Loons Home Opener
Sunday April 14th: Birthday Date with Mom to the Roller Rink
Easter WeekendCelebration with Tommerdahl side

What fun!  Here are pictures to go with the above schedule ;)

"Birthday Party" with Adrian at Crayola Experience

Each year, we give the kids the opportunity to do a birthday party with a few friends, or do something "more" with just one friend.  This year, Colton picked to celebrate with one friend, Adrian, and go to Crayola Experience at Mall of America for the afternoon, and then come back home for cheeseburgers on the grill, strawberries, puffed Cheetos, Ginger Ale, and Snickers ice cream Sundaes :).  We all had a great time!

Adrian gave Colton a fun game called "the floor is lava", and the kids had fun playing it while we made dinner!

Celebration with Kirkwood Side at Annie's Parlor

Grandma K coordinated a birthday dinner to get everyone together to celebrate Colton's birthday!  She asked Colton where he would like to go eat, and he suggested Annie's Parlor, a delicious burger, fry, and shake place with a fun atmosphere.  We all had a great meal, and Colton was very excited to open several top items from his birthday list, including a MN Loons backpack, black and white Nike shoes, a Loons jersey, a WWJD (What would Jesus Do?) bracelet to add to the collection on his arm, My Story Hour CD's and money to help fund he and his sisters' Compassion child fund.  Teddy colored a special card for Colton too!

Actual birthday and celebration with family

Colton's actual birthday fell on a Wednesday, which is our busiest day of the week.  Colton has school, an after school Lego-Engineering class, gymnastics for his sisters, and then Wednesday night clubs at church.  We planned to celebrate his birthday on Thursday, but a giant snowstorm allowed us to stay home Wednesday night and celebrate him on his actual birthday!  Besides special treats like poptarts for breakfast, his sister decorating his locker with streamers at school, and his menu pick for dinner (Mac and Cheese, brats, smoothies, and rootbeer floats!), he was very celebrated with gifts and a scavenger hunt from her generous sisters, and also a few presents from Dad and Mom.

Money for his compassion Child, Brandon

He was SO excited about this Bible cover, complete with working compass

Highly Recommended "books for boys" at his reading level.  He already finished this one and loved it!

Super fun and excited reaction from getting to pick out a new Loons sweatshirt when he goes to the Home Opener with Daddy

Light Up Roller Blades

Larkyn was SO beyond excited to give Colton the Puppy she picked out and bought for him!

Summer was equally excited to find Colton's favorite monster truck, Megladon, in an actual working small replica. 

Summer also made a super cute scavenger hunt for Colton, leading him to one of her squishy keychains - a match to one that Colton had previously owned, loved, and had recently broken.

We finished off the night with rootbeer floats!  Love this kid!

Breakfast in Bed - Continuing the Tommerdahl tradition~ 

Birthday Outing with Dad to Loons Home Opener

(wearing the sweatshirt he picked out as part of his b-day present) and displaying popcorn, his special treat at the game!

Birthday Date with Mom to the Roller Rink

Each year I like to take the kids on a birthday date to do something they enjoy...I love the one-on-one time!  Because Colton asked for rollerblades for his birthday, the roller rink seemed to be the perfect destination for this years' date.  It just so happened that the monthly "Christian" night at the roller rink fell on the weekend after his birthday!  Perfect!

Light up skates during the blackout skate!

Celebration with Tommerdahl side

Grandma and Grandpa T (and Uncle Jordan and Uncle Javonte!) came to celebrate Easter at our house!  Grandma and Grandpa planned several special things to celebrate Colton's birthday.  First, on Saturday morning, they gave Colton a birthday card with a generous donation for the kids' compassion kid, Brandon.  Also included in the card was the gift of picking out a new bike!  hey took him out on a Saturday morning excursion to three different stores to pick the very best one (he has been waiting and talking about this day since last August, when they took Summer to pick out a new bike for her birthday)!.  They also took everyone out to dinner that night at Colton's choice: Famous Daves.  And, they got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for us to celebrate and enjoy together!     Thank you so much, Grandma and Grandpa T,  for so generously, thoughtfully, and lovingly celebrating our big 7 year old!

Found the winner bike!

 He was so exited about this insulated cooler/storage bag accessory that Grandma and Grandpa got for him to put on his bike!

Yes, this picture is posed, lol!  But isn't it fantastic?! ;)

Seamless transition to handbrakes!

Thank you, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, and Cousin Owen for the thoughtful and generous card! Colton loved getting mail!

7 year Stats

63rd percentile for weight at 54lbs
66th percentile for height at 4'1"

Happy 7th, bud!  We couldn't love you more!