Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bits of Summer Fun

Here are a few pics of Summer enjoying our summer weather!

First time riding a "big girl" swing

Enjoying a "freezie pop" (Pop Ice)

Sitting in a REAL fire "en-gin-gin"

Not sure which was more exciting....seeing the fire truck or the orange cones :)  Summer loves both!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Summer: 22 months

Mommy: 22 months

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We went to the splash pad on Monday with Eli and his mommy, Erica.  There was a big field of flowers next to the splash pad, and Erica snapped these pictures of Summer and Eli.  So cute!

Obermayer Family Reunion

This past weekend we met up with family from my mom's side at the Wisconsin Dells.  It was a blast getting to meet my cousin Amanda's baby Jade (born two days before Colton) and for Summer to play with my cousin Alison's two kids, Rowan and Cruz.  I had so much fun catching up with my cousins as well!  Here are a few pictures....(thank you to my mom and grandma for sharing them with me!)

Summer got to sleep in the special baby bear bed!
Gee-Gee (Great-Grandma Obermayer) got to meet Colton!

Gee-Gee rocked Colton to sleep at one of our dinners

Colton took a bath in the sink!

Summer taking her bath

My mom and my Aunt Nancy with Colton and Jade...born two days apart!

My cousin Alison and I with our two kids, Summer and Cruz.  Cruz is 4 months older than Summer.

Teaching Summer how to swim

Mommy, Daddy, and Summer
Gee-Gee with her 5 great-grandkids: Rowan (almost 4), Cruz (2), Summer (almost 2), Jade (2.5 months), and Colton (2.5 months)

The gang (minus my Uncle Gary, Aunt Karol, and cousin Kendall, who couldn't make it this year)
What a great family!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


The large room where we went to "mini" VBS
At Hosanna, a nearby church, they have "mini" Vacation Bible School for kids 10-33 months old.  Mommy's stay with their kiddos during the morning.  Summer and I went last year, and were excited to go back this year along with 4 of Summer's friends, Addison, Adry, Sydney, and Lily!  The kids start with 20 minutes of song and story time in a big room with all the "big kids" and then go back to a different room with lots of fun "stations" with things to do such as a water station, sand station, play kitchen, car station, musical instrument station, slides, book station, snack table, several craft tables, etc.

When Summer and I first talked about going to VBS, she kept mentioning "listen eye, listen eye".  I finally realized that she thought we were going to CVS (The Pharmacy around here that has a minute clinic....we went there a month and a half ago when Summer had pink eye, and the doctor 'listened' to her eye!)  That girl has quite the memory!

Because VBS was over Colton's morning nap, Grandma came and stayed with Colton while Mommy and Summer had a little date.  Today, Grandma took Summer to VBS while Mommy stayed with Colton!  Here are a few pictures of our week.....

On Monday Summer ate cereal with milk for the first time like Mommy does! (She normally eats cereal with her fingers and drinks the milk separately!)

Grandma and Summer

The water table




Reading....Summer LOVED the kid sized couch!


Feeding Baby

Snack time!
Here is Summer's version of what she did at VBS....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fear: a new emotion for Summer

While Summer has used the term "scared" for the past few months to refer to how she is feeling about a tornado siren or a sprinkler, last night was the first time her fear was really hard on her Mommy's heart.  When we put Summer to bed, we didn't realize there was a fly in her room.  When we heard her crying, we went in her room and she told us there was a "buggy" in her room.  Unfortunately, there were two flies in her room and she saw another one a bit later.  Even though we put that one in the trash as well, she kept waking up thinking there were more "buggies" in her room.  She thought the nail hole in her window sill was a buggie, she thought the shadow on the ceiling of the fan pull when it wiggled in the breeze of the fan was a buggie, she thought the dots on her blankie were buggies....poor thing!  Each time we would go into her room she would be hiding under her blankie crying.  After we would tuck her in again, she would be talking to herself  saying "buggie all gone.  Mommy and Daddy threw it away", trying to reassure herself they were all gone.  OUCH--my heart hurt so badly for her wanting to take away her fear.  To top it off, we had one of our BIGGEST thunderstorms of the spring last night, so thunder was banging outside making it even worse, and a power outage made her nightlight, fan, and music turn off.  What a little sweetie though.  She just wanted to be held.  I laid in bed with her for quite a while and we talked about the rain "giving the grass a drink of water" and that thunder "was when the clouds were bumping into each other".  Over and over we talked about what was outside, and what we were going to do the next day, and that all the buggies were gone.  While it was a night of little to no sleep for me, for some odd reason I will actually cherish last was actually a really special time for the two of us, as we chatted away all cuddled up with the lightning flashing outside.  It was the first time I experienced fear in my child and wanting to do everything to comfort her....I wonder if that is how God feels when we are scared.  Sometimes it is so hard to trust Him that he has the "buggies" under control.....

**When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3**

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mr. Giraffe

This morning, Mr. Giraffe did everything Colton did.  We pulled Summer's little rocking chair into Colton's nursery so that Summer could feed Mr. Giraffe while Mommy fed Colton in the big rocking chair.  Mr. Giraffe had his diaper changed, and he played in Colton's jungle.  Here is some made me smile!

Colton's Baby Dedication

Yay, I am dedicated to the Lord!

 Sunday morning was an extra special Father's Day, as we dedicated Colton to the Lord! 

Colton's baby dedication was our way of publicly thanking the Lord for blessing us with our little guy and proclaim that we want to raise him to be a godly young man that loves the Lord first. 

We chose a verse for Colton from 1 Timothy 4:12 as our prayer for him.  It says, "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."  Thank you SO MUCH to all of you that are praying for Colton, Summer and us as parents :-)

Here is a video of his dedication and some pictures from our day!

Our family!

Colton being dedicated

Our amazing family that came to support us!



Daddy used a microphone to tell people Colton's verse.  Summer enjoyed it as well....!

Colton and Daddy

Grandma and Grandpa T with the kids

Grandma and Grandpa K with the kids

Everyone came back to our house for a special Father's Day meal.  We tried to include a favorite dish/side dish of each Dad/Grandpa that was there!

Ooooooh!  Look at my cake!

Summer enjoyed Colton's cake!

Summer LOVED playing with TWO grandpas!!!

Happy Father's Day to MY Dad :-)  Love you DAD!

Summer made Daddy a flower with her handprints for Father's Day.  To the right of Daddy, you can see the "footprint" penguin picture that Summer and Colton made for Daddy and each Grandpa.
It was a special Father's Day being able to celebrate with BOTH Paul and my dads, and to celebrate the Heavenly Daddy that we dedicated Colton to!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Colton is 2 months old!

Hi guys!  It's me, Colton, again!  Today I went to the doctor for my 2 month check-up.  I am a pretty healthy guy....

I weigh 11 lbs 10 oz (34th percentile)
I am 22.5 inches long (27th percentile)
My head is 38.7 cm (36th percentile)

I'm feeling good!  I am really starting to enjoy life :-)!  Mommy says I turned a BIG corner 5 days ago, when I started crying a lot less and smiling a lot more.  It's pretty fun to smile more and it makes my Mommy pretty happy too!  I have started to say "ah-ooooooooo" sometimes and that makes Summer laugh and Mommy and Summer will say "ah-ooooooooo" back to me which is pretty cool. 

I still really like my hairdryer CD when I sleep and I love to be swaddled.  I usually sleep from 8:15pm to 7am or 8am with one feeding around 2 or 3 am.  I usually need a half hour or hour nap about 9 or 10am, and then I take a long afternoon nap from 2:30-5pm. 

I still love bath time and I am starting to enjoy looking at rattles and playing on my play-mat (as long as it isn't too long before somebody picks me up again!)

Here are a few videos of me at 2 months.  I hope I can see all of you soon!

-Colton Paul

A few smiles, coos, and a pout....


Chatting with Mommy