Monday, February 27, 2023

January and February

January and February went quickly and were filled with school/work, family nights, soccer practice/games, cheer practice/games, piano and drum lessons, church nights and youth group, family and friends.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, so I will just photo dump what I have for the last two months before we dive into March!

Feed My Starving Children

UCA day!

Colton and best friend Isaiah working on how to trap thermal energy

Larkyn learning the recorder

Summer and Larkyn both tried out for High School Musical and are just starting practices for this spring musical


Doing the boys hair lol

Happy birthday Grandpa K!

Cousin Time!

Rock Climbing!

Colton's 8th Spiritual Birthday

We celebrated Colton's 8th Spiritual birthday this month.  Per tradition, Colton served the family by making dinner and was given a gift that would encourage him in his faith.  Below are some pictures!

Colton made Oreo Chocolate Cake

Colton opened a book called Destination Moon, a real story about an astronaut whose faith was strengthened by his experience in outer space.  Colton loved it and read it every night and already finished it!

Both of his sisters made him sweet notes/cards.

Colton made breakfast for dinner, making french toast and sausages.

I like this picture as I wasn't even home when he was baking and he texted me this picture lol.

Happy Spiritual Birthday, Colton!  We are so grateful you have chosen to follow Christ and love watching you continue to grow in your faith!  Love you so much!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's week!  The younger two enjoyed Valentine's parties at school and made Valentine's boxes.  I got to help out at Larkyn's party!  The girls in Summer's class did a secret exchange and Summer also enjoyed making Valentine's for the girls in her class.  The grandparents sweetly sent cards and gifts for the kiddos! We celebrated as a family with heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's and Crumbl Cookies.  Paul and I went to an escape room as a Valentine's date.   

Larkyn's "Pugs and Kisses" box

Larkyn's Popcorn Valentines

Colton's "Feed Me" box and gummy bracelet valentines

Colton's class did make your own" chocolate bars!

Summer made cute hot chocolate packet and marshmallow filled to-go cups for the girls in her class.

Paul and I "barely" escaped our Valentine's Escape room -but we had a blast!

Happy Valentine's Day!