Thursday, July 30, 2020

Grandma and Grandpa T Camp!

Hi! This is Summer. Grandma and Grandpa T camp was a lot of fun! We did so many things. I could go on and on, but here are just some of the things we did:

Culver's in Alexandria!

Colton was excited about the Legos.
I was excited about this new puzzle we found.

I made a pretty bouquet of Grandma's flowers when we went back to their house to pick up branches from an earlier storm and mow the lawn.

Colton's board after Bananagrams.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Colton just had to be a monkey and climb this pole! :)

We played at a fun little swingset area at the trailhead for the bike path we went on.

Here is what the swings looked like! Also, I'm in there in my longsleeves ( we wore them because we were going geocaching and there was poison ivy)!

I enjoyed swinging on the swings! Wheeeeee! 

One of the first geocaches that we found was discovered by Grandpa T! Great job, Grandpa!

Larkyn got to write our name in the logbook!

Our awesome chaperones! 🤣👍

One of Colton's amazing Lego creations! I think it is a plane or car.
Everyone enjoyed biking down this pretty bike trail.

Yet another geocache!

Lego builder!

Larkyn and Grandma playing Polly Pockets! 

Larkyn enjoyed her s'more! 

Larkyn and a Barbie.

Lunch at the bike path trailhead.

I enjoyed my s'more

Us girls did Grandma's hair one night. Here's how it turned out........? 

Colton's super-duper-amazingly-awesome-fantastic-s'more

Just relaxing...on the pontoon.😂

Grandma found a geocache! ( you can't really see it, but it's there :)

Larkyn walking Bode

We found a really creative geocache at the Wholly Cow statue in Clitherall!

Taylor gave Colton a cool little lantern! Thank you, Taylor!

We hiked up to Inspiration Peak- the highest point in Minnesota! Here is our view! We teased that we could see California and the place Mom and Dad were staying in. 

We tubed to the sandbar! Larkyn and I  played on the airplane!

Dotson wanted to play with the Legos too!

Colton and Dotson


Grandpa pushes Larkyn on Ali the aligator.

On our  way up Inspiration Peak!

Just relaxin'!

Welcome to the Dog Show!

Grandma and Larkyn after Larkyn did Grandma's hair!
Playing at the park!
Larkyn too!
Larkyn got a remote control doll Jeep and had fun driving it around!

I did a cool puzzle!

Playing with Poppy, the neighbor dog( it's a boy dog)!
Sweet Poppy!
Dog Show!
I was the judge.


Colton made a plane!
I beat Grandpa at Bananagrams! Somebody doesn't look too happy...🤣
We all ate on kid-size plates! 5 Kids?
Tubing with Honorary Auntie Taylor!
Party Preparations!
I set the table...
...Colton makes streamers!
Party Squad!
Taylor gave me a notepad, headband, and scrunchies! Thank you, Taylor!❤️
I lost my tooth!
Chief Wenonga!🙋
We all had so much fun and have the best 4 grandparents in the world! Thanks for this wonderful time!