Sunday, April 30, 2023

April Happenings

 April was a full month of school, theater, soccer practice, church, music lessons, family fun and more!  Here are some of the things we were up to.


We celebrated Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood's house this year, in conjunction with celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary!

High School Musical

The girls both performed in our school's production of High School Musical.  Summer was a cheerleader and Larkyn was a student.  It was a really fun show!  Click here and here for clips from the theme song from this musical "We're all in this Together". Both girls are in the front row.

Both girls had short solos - click here to listen.

Colton 5th Grade Graduation (Church)

Colton has been so excited to head to youth group with Summer, and this past Wednesday night he had his final Wednesday night as an elementary kid.  His leader presented each 5th grade boy with a candy bar to represent them as a final sweet send-off.  His leader picked "Mr. Goodbar" to represent Colton as an all around good guy, good friend, responsible....but still a little nutty ;).  Click here for the candy bar presentation.


Larkyn and 3 girls in their class holding up the Chinese characters they made out of play dough.

Kids dressed up for spirit week "clique" day: the Jock, the Artist, and the Nerd :)

Colton got soccer pics this month.  Outdoor games start in May :)

Click here for a video of Daddy and Larkyn playing piano together.

Summer and some sweet friends - cheering one on in a swim meet and another on in her middle school play.

A playground monitor at school emailed Paul and me this picture he found on the playground.  Larkyn has been asking lots of good questions lately and it has been so sweet to see her little heart truly trying to honor the Lord.  So blessed.

Colton's Birthday

 Colton turned 11 on April 10th!  We enjoyed celebrating him in lots of ways.  

1. He celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa K and the cousins over Easter Weekend.

2. He celebrated with our family on his actual birthday, including going to see the new Mario movie in theater!

3. He celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa Tommerdahl and GeeGee Sandy when they came to watch the girls in High School Musical.

4.  He celebrated with his friends at Sky Zone this past weekend.

Celebration #1

Celebration #2

Celebration #3

Click here to see Grandpa's video of Colton playing drum set with his new snare he got for his birthday.  He is playing along with a song that he can hear in his headphones and it shows what he has been working on.

Celebration #4

Happy Birthday, Colton!  You are an amazing kid and I love the person you are!