Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 The month of May is always busy!  I will highlight a few portions of our May including:

  • End of Year Concerts/Activities
  • Mother's Day
  • Paul's Birthday
  • Girls Weekend/Man Camp
  • Soccer
  • Las Vegas Trip/Memorial Day

End of Year Concerts/Activities

1st day of 7th grade

last day of 7th grade

first day of 5th grade

last day of 5th grade

first day of 3rd grade

last day of 3rd grade

I got to chaperone Colton's 5th grade class field trip to the arboretum

I got to chaperone Larkyn's 3rd grade field trip to the zoo

Paul volunteered at track and field day.  I came for the first hour to cheer the kids on!

Part of Colton's class at track and field day.

Larkyn/teacher/friends at track and field day

Summer playing trombone at spring concert

Colton playing trumpet at spring concert

Colton singing with the 5th grade class at spring concert

Larkyn singing with the 3rd grade class at the spring concert

Larkyn playing the recorder at the spring concert

Mother's Day

Paul's Birthday

Girl's Weekend/Man Camp

While the boys had fun at Trout Lake Camp, we girls partied back home. :)

Girl's first time doing masks! LOL!  We laughed SO hard!


Las Vegas Trip/Memorial Day

Paul and I decided kind of last minute to take a little trip over Memorial Day to enjoy some time together during a very busy season of life.  Our anniversary was only a few weeks later, so I suppose you could call it an anniversary trip.  Either way, it was a much needed time to recharge and connect!  We flew into Las Vegas and enjoyed a cirque du soleil show, which was fantastic!  We also enjoyed walking the strip and seeing the fountain shows.  We spent the rest of our time out in nature taking in the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend via both mountain biking and hiking.  

Kiddo Time with Grandparents

While the parents were away, the kids played....with grandparents!  Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa K for taking such great care of our kiddos!