Friday, December 31, 2021

Christmas Fun!

Merry Christmas!

 This post will be divided into 5 parts:

  1. Random Christmas Fun
  2. Christmas Eve
  3. Christmas Morning
  4. Christmas in Woodbury (Kirkwood Side)
  5. Christmas in Boston (Tommerdahl Side)

Random Christmas Fun

Our annual tour of neighbor Mr. Ken's "Christmas museum" :)

Our annual neighborhood Christmas caroling

Loved helping with Larkyn's class Christmas party

Grandpa K played at the mall for donations for the Salvation Army bucket

Kid's annual homemade gift this year was woodburning kitchen utensils for family members

Christmas Eve

This years annual graham cracker houses

This year's new Christmas Jammies

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Morning

We had such a sweet morning celebrating Christ's birth, starting with our traditional reading of the Christmas story and the kids acting it out with the little people nativity.

All the kids were very generous this year both with each other and with us!

After we opened the "kid bought" presents, Mom and Dad had 4 small gifts for each kiddo, and the main gift - taking the family skiing at Welsh Village!  Each kid opened a set of books, a new wall calendar, an activity book, and a personalized gift (Colton roller blades, Larkyn rainbow crocs, and Summer the upgraded Geocache app).  They are the sweetest kids ever.

Our family Christmas gift, skiiing, happened a few days later, and we made SUCH great family memories we all agreed it might have to be a repeat gift next year!

Christmas in Woodbury

The kids got to gift their homemade gifts

The kids' main gift from Grandma and Grandpa was a Nintendo Switch, along with Mario Kart and Minecraft.  They were ecstatic!

This year, our traditional Christmas carol sing along included Summer on the trombone, Colton on the trumpet, and Grandpa on the piano :)

Cousin Jammies

New hats!

Pizza night!

So blessed!

Christmas in Boston

This year we flew to Boston to have Christmas with Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, Owen, and Elton!  It was amazing getting to have all the cousins together!  We got creative on gifts this year, as most of us were flying, so we pooled our money to donate to Compassion International this year to help girls at risk.  We are already so blessed.  Grandma and Grandpa found ways to creatively gift the kids all month instead of just one morning ;)....they gifted them a ski lesson at Thanksgiving, new magazines (Highlights, National Geographing, and Sports Illustrated) that will come all year, gave them fitbits out in Boston, and had a bag of goodies/books waiting for them when they got back to Apple Valley :)

We are beyond blessed with amazing family, and are so grateful that God calls us family, because he was willing to send us his Son at Christmas to reunite us with him.  Immanuel.  God with us.  We celebrate Jesus this season.