Monday, December 20, 2021

December Music

 We were all looking forward to all the music fun in December, including the kids' school music and band concerts, their church musical, and their piano recital.  Partway through our crazy week of performances, Summer got sick, which changed a lot of plans.  She missed the second performance of her church musical, her middle school band concert, and all three kids (who also were sick) missed their piano recital.  (Speaking of missed things, Colton missed his school Christmas party, Summer missed her two first cheer games, and Summer missed her youth group Christmas party.  It was a rough week!)   However, we are grateful for what the kids WERE able to do!  I'll include pictures and videos from the elementary UCA (school) music concert, the first church musical performance, and a video of the kids' playing the songs they WOULD have played for the piano recital.:)

UCA Elementary Christmas Concert

Click here for a video of Larkyn's solo in Candy Cane Twist.

Click here to see a video of Colton's speaking role.

Click here and here for two fun videos of Colton's class singing Charlie Brown Christmas.

Click here and here to hear Colton's first band concert songs.

Thank you to those that supported from both near and far!

Christmas Musical: Raad Tidings

This year, our church kids' program put on a musical about the animals telling the Christmas story.  It was super, super cute and the message was spot on :).  Summer was cast as a very dramatic bird, Colton was a "rapping" camel, and Larkyn was part of the "wind" getting to wear a blue tu-tu and hold streamers :).  We were so grateful most of our family came to the Saturday performance, because Sunday morning Summer woke up with a fever and couldn't perform her second day.  She was very disappointed, but we are choosing to be grateful that she was at least able to act in the first performance!  Included below are some pictures and videos.  The close-up's of Summer are credit to our pastor's wife, Kim.

Videos Posted Below ~ Click on the Links:

We were so grateful for all the family that came and supported our kiddos, and enjoyed a special dinner back at our house after!


As mentioned earlier, all three kids were sick for their piano recital, so when they were healthy, we did a mini recital, because I wanted to remember/video the songs they practiced all month!

Click here to hear the song that Colton would have played for the recital.

Click here to hear the song that Larkyn would have played for the recital.  (Note, she preferred that I include this version/video of her practicing it on an electronic keyboard at school while we waited for Summer to be done with cheer practice, instead of the version we taped at home, because she really likes the electronic keyboard!).

Click here to hear the song Summer would have played for her recital.


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