Thursday, July 31, 2014


 I think all 3 kids have some similarities from a side profile...similiar cheeks and the same nose...S and L definitely have the same lips...


All 3 have big eyes...

 And are definitely related...


Yet, they are each uniquely their own person...


Wrapping Up July

Wow, it has been quite the month!  Starting on the 1st of July we welcomed Larkyn into our family, and what a wonderful month it has been!  Now we are ready to usher in August, "Summer's birthday month", and with it all the birthday festivities - yes Summer has been excitedly talking about, planning, and making lists for weeks ;).  Before we turn to August, however, I have a few final pictures and videos to share from our July...

I absolutely love these 3!  (Thanks Grandma K for the shirts!)
Daddy and the kids after his race.  Love Colton's "thumbs up" :)

We have been loving family S'mores nights - very motivating for the kids to finish their veggies ;)

Daddy and Larkyn at the Twins game

Mommy and Larkyn

Kids LOVED their first experience with a Slip-n-Slide at Rylan's birthday party

Summer, Adelyn, and Adry

At a recent "boys" playdate (Summer and Larkyn were the only girls!), my friend Lisa froze toys in ice for the kids to hammer out....we had been discussing ways to help get out "boy energy" (she has two boys 3 and under) and she helps me find creative ways to do just that!

The boys and Summer...hammering ;)

While our veggie garden isn't overly productive, it is great for snacking while we are playing outside!  The kids and I get excited when we see a red tomato, some ready broccoli, or some ripe strawberries...we usually eat it right after we pick it ;)

Summer is SUCH a great big sister and LOVES holding Larkyn.  She is a really big helper, too, as she will often request to hold/calm a fussy Larkyn (or even just calm her without me asking) while I need my hands free to do something else :)

Summer wrote all the numbers on this hopscotch herself :)

Summer and I had fun going to a acting video shoot at Grandpa's work (they were looking for "creative, and outgoing" kids to tape, so when Grandpa asked if Summer was interested she said Yes!)

Summer was paired with a kid and then asked to act out a scenario in front of video and microphones :)

Summer's favorite part, she told me, was getting to see Grandpa at work!
Grandma Kirkwood found one of Larkyn's favorite ways to be held :)

Big sister loving her role :)

Colton LOVES playing soccer with Daddy!

Colton's current favorite game to play with Daddy is keep-away...where Daddy does all his magic soccer moves and Colton tries to get the ball ;)  Here is a video I took after Summer joined the fun...

Here is the kids with the verse of the week..2 John 1:6 "And this is love, that we walk in obedience to his commands."

Colton's Verse of the Week: (Silly boy - the past two weeks he has wanted to do all verse of the week references as 4:12 just to be silly.  Its not recorded in this video but he has currently been ending his verse of the week with KaCHOW (what Lighting McQueen, the racecar for the movie CARS says).  Goofball.  Well here it is - 2 John 1:6 in Colton-style.

Summer's Verse of the Week:

Larkyn has been enjoying bathtime a lot more!  We now do all 3 kids at the same time: the older two in the big tub and we fill and move Larkyn's tub to the floor of the bathroom.  Here is a little video...

And now, we are ready for Summer's birthday festivities!  I can't believe my first baby is almost 4!  The kids had a BLAST this week filling the pinata...

Summer really wanted a pinata for her birthday...the kids had so much fun filling it!

That about wraps up July :).

Larkyn one month

Larkyn will be one month old tomorrow!  Here is a bit about her...

She is awake about 2-3 hours a day - mostly in the late evening hours

She loves to be held, especially upright and cuddling in "traditional burping" position.

She can boast over her siblings that she was the first of the 3 to go to a Twins game at Target Field (being an easy going baby definitely has its upsides!)

She has been a bit burpy/gassy lately but still easily soothed...and is comfortable this way :)

When awake she is very alert and interested in her world - big eyes looking at everything!

People comment most often on her full head of blond hair!

She is our favorite little sister!
Here is a little video of Larkyn being Larkyn...fully awake around 9:30pm...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lovin' Summertime

Life is good here!  We have been LOVING the summertime weather, and literally living outside as much as possible.  I ABSOLUTELY could not be happier and constantly feel so blessed for the 3 amazing kiddos God has given me and the time I get to spend with them.  I want to hold onto each moment and freeze time.  I'm  lovin' my  Larkyn cuddles, Colton giggles, and conversations with my Summer - I am one lucky Momma :).

Big brother Colton is definitely warming up to his little sister!

First trip to the zoo with 3 kiddos!

Larkyn slept most of the time :)

We got to see the outdoor bird show for the first time this year!

The kids got trading cards with their favorite bird - Coconut - who talks :)

Sweet Larkyn

Napping with Mommy

Another adorable sleepy Larkyn

Larkyn just goes with the flo - sleeping in her carseat on the move with her big brother and sister :)

Sweet Colton loving up on his sister

He can make her stop crying!


We have been having such fun with these three - Hannah and Melanie are both 5 months older than my two, and baby Carter is only 1 day younger than Larkyn!

S and C checking out a new park on a date with friends Jessi, Hannah, Melanie, and Carter

After seeing a community puppet show at a local park Summer wanted to make her own puppets


Making Puppets!


Tummy time!

Summer keeping Larkyn happy while I fold laundry

Kids cuddling on the bed together while I fold laundry :)

Leprechaun Days Parade with friends (Jessi and Family) and Grandma and Grandpa T!

Grandma and Larkyn at the parade

Grandpa and Larkyn

Colton's favorite parade prize :)

Free carnival at local church after the parade

Bounce House!
 Video of Bounce House:

This past weekend, Paul ran the Tough Mudder race in Wisconsin with a group of guys from church.  Tough Mudder is a 10 mile obstacle race.  He had a blast!


The group :)

Love this pic of Summer and Larkyn!

Trying out the triple jogger!

Everyone fits!

My view :)

On our favorite lake path - headed to the park!

Playdate with Faith, Noelle, and Lilah

Larkyn slept through the playdate :)

More friends!  Playdate with friends Addison, Brody, Tenley, Adry, and Rylan

Time to catch some rays ;)

Freezie Pop Time!

Tenley and Larkyn (both "3rd" kids)

Love this shot - my view of S and C from the patio - they play so nicely together!

Love these two :)

 Here are a few videos...

Larkyn 3 weeks:

Larkyn first tub bath (2 weeks) (She didn't love it at first, but now she likes it a lot more!)

Tummy Time with Larkyn

Colton and Larkyn -
(Side Note: Summer holds Larkyn for me quite a bit, and will go put her pacifier in if she is crying.  She is SUCH a great big sister and really cares for Larkyn and helps out a TON!  Colton this past week just started loving on Larkyn in such a sweet way that I caught this video of him trying to soothe her...)