Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July

We were determined if at all possible to make it to the 4th of July parade this year, even though it was our first morning at home with Larkyn, because our kids love parades so much and we had been talking about going for months!  I was definitely thankful for TWO parents to get everyone ready and out the door by 9am, though!  My good friend LaDonna saved a curbside spot for us, so thankfully even though we arrived at the spot only 20 minutes before the parade would start, we still got a good spot!  (Thanks LaDonna!)  The parade was made even more fun because we were watching it with friends :).

My 3 favorite kiddos!

Family Pic at the parade

The kids LOVED the parade!!!  C's favorite was "the car with eyes" and S's favorite was the marching bands
Colton, Summer, and 3 of Summer's friends (Leyla, Addison, and Sydney) at the parade

Larkyn slept through the whole parade and woke up when it was over!

The kids sorted their parade candy in the van while I fed Larkyn.  I love how Colton lined his candy up like he does his cars!

The kids made fruit smoothies for lunch after the hot parade!
 After naps and dinner, Grandma and Grandpa T arrived and brought fireworks - first fireworks for both kids!
Grandpa, Javonte, and Daddy set off the fireworks...

Mommy, Summer, Colton, and Grandma T watched...

and cheered!

GeeGee Sandy cuddled Larkyn inside where it was quieter :)

Then a very excited Summer left for her "past the bedtime" date with Daddy to the carnival and her first ever fireworks!  She literally started "getting ready" for her date HOURS before - she was so ecstatic!


Airplane Ride

Snow Cone!

Pure Happiness

Fireworks and Cuddles

These two videos of Summer's date with Daddy are so sweet!


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