Thursday, July 31, 2014

Larkyn one month

Larkyn will be one month old tomorrow!  Here is a bit about her...

She is awake about 2-3 hours a day - mostly in the late evening hours

She loves to be held, especially upright and cuddling in "traditional burping" position.

She can boast over her siblings that she was the first of the 3 to go to a Twins game at Target Field (being an easy going baby definitely has its upsides!)

She has been a bit burpy/gassy lately but still easily soothed...and is comfortable this way :)

When awake she is very alert and interested in her world - big eyes looking at everything!

People comment most often on her full head of blond hair!

She is our favorite little sister!
Here is a little video of Larkyn being Larkyn...fully awake around 9:30pm...


Jill said...

Such adorable pictures. LOVE her blonde hair. Her burp-while-sitting position is the cutest ever! And, such BIG eyes!

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