Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wrapping Up June

Well, most of you know that we were pleasantly surprised to meet our little baby girl two weeks early on July 1st (which is why I have been a bit MIA in the blog world!), however, before I catch up on that exciting news, I have a few final pictures from when our family was "four" to share :)

Family Zoo Day

Fish tanks!

Climbing at the Park

Colton "driving" the fishing boat

The girls :)

Fun to see this bear up close!

Family Visit to the Children's Museum

Giant Train Table

Grocery Store

Checking out :)

Sleepy Colton cuddles with Daddy :)


In my "nesting" phase (two days before baby girl would come!), I rearranged the nursery and added some more pink touches :).  I brought in some toys as I knew the kids would likely be playing in there a lot while I nursed/changed/etc Baby Girl.  

The Day Before Baby Arrived...

Little did we know on Monday June 30th that Baby would be joining us the following day!  Its fun for me to remember this day in detail as we had no idea what the next day would bring!!!  On the day before Baby arrived we went to the zoo, played at the splash pad there until it rained, ate our picnic lunch by the giant fish tank, and came home for naps (I took one too!).  In the evening we had a fun family night of campfire and S'Mores.  The kids were seriously ECSTATIC about the bonfire and literally jumped up and down / ran around with excitement for the entire 30 minutes it took us to find the S'More's sticks and get the fire going!  After the kids went to bed I got our vegetable garden all weeded and did some cleaning (good thing as I wouldn't be home for several days and we would have lots of company!) while Paul went for a run.  Here are the pictures I took from our last day before we would meet our littlest girl... 

Zoo Day!


Zoo Splash Pad

Zoo Splash Pad

Getting the campfire going was a bit tricky as we have had a lot of rain lately.  Colton's face when there was "FIRE" was priceless! 

First S'Mores

Colton and Daddy

Summer's S'More

Colton's first S'More

Last "Family of Four" pic!


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