Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here we go ... Mommy + 3 kiddos!

Wednesday was Paul's first day at back at work.  On Tuesday night, we both just tried to keep light-hearted and not think about it...if I thought too hard about it I could feel the tears welling up in the back of my throat.  I love the special time we all have together, and looking forward to Paul going back to work is the worst part of the transition.  Nevertheless, we did it - we made it through the fist day and it actually went really well!  Again, thank you to all my family and friends that were praying for us :).

Everybody dressed and clean!  Ready to go downstairs for breakfast!
 We ate breakfast, read our Bible stories, and practiced our verse of the week.  This video is actually from the day before of the kids saying their verse....

 Then, we tackled our chores...
Larkyn and I vacuumed...

Well, actually she slept ;)

While Summer and Colton played "camping"

They set up their campsite in the loft

Then Larkyn and I tackled laundry....

...while S and C played on Summer's bed and listened to a Psalty CD
 Then we headed out to get Colton's hair cut (it was getting pretty shaggy and we wanted to trim it up before getting Summer's 4 year, Colton's 2 year, and Larkyn's newborn pictures done on Monday)...

Getting trimmed

Hanging out waiting for big brother

SO handsome :)

Kids got suckers from the hair place.  I LOVE my full backseat :)

Grandma Kirkwood came for lunch and brought my favorite salad :)

Larkyn cuddling with Grandma :)

Larkyn and I napped during C's naptime and S's quiet time
After naps we started to walk to the park...but barely made it out of the driveway before fixing up a scraped knee ;)

On our way to the park!

Of course we always have to stop and check the fishy pond for fishies...


Summer can do the fire pole all by herself now!

My friend from church brought us dinner (Thanks Kim!) and we were all excited to see Daddy when he got home!!!


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