Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Transition to a Family of Five

As we adjust to being a family of 5, I am amazed at how well things are going and I feel so incredibly blessed!  I know a lot of people are praying for us, and honestly, the transition is going way better than I could have imagined.

Summer is absolutely enamored by Larkyn.  To Summer, Larkyn is not only her little sister, but also a lifesize doll :).  Summer is constantly wanting to help with everything for diaper changes to fetching things for Larkyn and giving Larkyn her pacifier.  She is always worried about where Larkyn is and making sure we don't leave her alone in a room (she might be lonely) but always bring her with us wherever we are in the house!  Summer assigned herself the responsibility of making sure we have the diaper bag, and always wants to carry it wherever we are.  When we have our special "Mommy-Summer" time before her quiet time she always wants Larkyn there day holding her while we read books, one day playing baby toys with Larkyn, etc.  Summer loves to help pick out Larkyn's outfit and helps me not forget to put a headband on her :).  Summer's smile when she is holding Larkyn is the most genuine huge deep-down, heart-happy smile ever!  I could not be prouder of the big sister she is, or more in love with how much Summer loves her.  It makes my heart so happy to watch!  Summer really and truly is SUCH a big helper.  I know when I ask her to do something it will get done, she knows where everything is, and she always knows everything that is happening :).  She seems so grown up, and our relationship already is so sweet as we talk about everything.  I love that she will let me know when she needs extra mommy-snuggles just by using her words to tell me (not by acting out) and by coming to hang out with me wherever I am.  I love those times.  She has such a tender, sweet, heart, and she has been absolutely amazing through this transition.

Matching dresses!

Sweet Sisters

Larkyn, you have a GREAT big sister to look up to!
 Here is a little video Paul caught of Summer and Larkyn when she didn't know we were watching...Summer turned on music for Larkyn and was giving her her pacifier to sooth her...

 Colton is a pretty typical 2-year old boy in that he doesn't specifically show a ton of interest in his little sister (she doesn't come with a ball or wheels!).  At the hospital he was definitely more interested in the buttons that moved the hospital bed up and down than he was in Larkyn ;).  Nevertheless, I have been very pleasantly surprised that there has been no hint of jealousy whatsoever.  While we have had to teach Colton about how to be gentle (Larkyn isn't QUITE big enough for rough-housing!), he is so sweet with her and has asked several times to hold her. Colton has always been great at playing by himself and entertaining himself, especially with his train table and lining up his cars over and over again in different spots.  He continues to be great at entertaining himself when I am busy with Larkyn.  Both pre-Larkyn and post-Larkyn, we have been and are in a 2-year old phase of practicing obedience with Colton, and the week Larkyn was born was no exception!  Lots of excitement and special attention and treats from grandparents seemed to accentuate this fact!!  However in the past few days as we have transitioned into the quiet, new normal, I have seen him return to "the normal Colton", where while we still have disciplinary issues, he is mostly back to his sweet Colton-self.  He is growing so much conversationally, which I so appreciate during a time of transition, and I so cherish our one-on-one conversations especially before bed or after naptime.  Despite the obedience struggles, his conscience in the past week has grown and matured so much!  He has come up to me and told me wrong things that he has done (even though I never would have known) and asked me if he needed the consequences.  Sweet boy.  I am so thankful for his little heart as he grows and I love that his little sister will have HIM as her big brother :).

Colton doing a great job holding Larkyn

Looking her tiny feet (that to him are "dirty" due to new baby skin!)
I love this goof and his sticky chocolate smile :)

Here is a little video I caught of Colton when he didn't know we were watching....Colton was showing Larkyn his favorite "baby deer"...


Poor Tucker, demoted again, lol!  Really the transition for him is minimal :).  However I wanted to at least mention him because he is so concerned and protective for Larkyn!  Whenever she is crying, he runs over to her and goes crazy like he wants to help her but can't!  It is pretty sweet :).  While his protectiveness does not translate naturally into gentleness, he really is such a great kids' dog and would never ever hurt her intentionally (we just have to be careful of his exuberance!)


One transition I have been loving to watch is how in the last week Summer and Colton have been playing SO well together!  They have always enjoyed playing together, but this week they have seemed like exceptional buddies and are always inventing new games to play together while Mommy and Daddy are busy.  They play tea party, cars, house, firemen, put on shows, play pretend, and have been really enjoying each others' company.  Rarely have I needed to step in this week and interject about being kind as they are naturally playing so well.  It makes my heart SO happy to see, and has truly made the transition from 2 kids to 3 kids SO much easier than it was to go from 1 kid to 2 kids.

Peeking at the neighbors fish pond
Love these two!
Being silly while doing a puzzle

Driving on cars on daddy's "road" shirt we made him for Father's Day

Larkyn is by FAR the easiest baby of the three thus far!  Night and day difference!  I just keep waiting for her to get crabby!!!!  While the other two had a rough "4th trimester" and were quite cholic-y and fussy for the first 3 months of life, Larkyn thus far has been naturally happy!  She really only cries if she is hungry or gassy, and even then it is such a quiet cry and she is easily soothed.  Her favorite position is on your shoulder, facing in.  She loves to cuddle and will just sit and sleep and cuddle endlessly.  She doesn't need to be bounced, rocked, walked, or anything like my other two needed constantly.  She is content just to sit and cuddle.  I told Paul a few days ago that Larkyn makes me understand why some people say they love the newborn stage -- I am totally loving this and I am pretty excited to experience (at least thus far) an easy going newborn.  I absolutely adore her cuddles!  She is a champ sleeper too.  She has slept every night in her crib only waking to feed every 1.5-4 hours (usually 3-4 times each night).  After a feeding she usually goes right back to sleep on her own and doesn't need to be rocked.  She has the sweetest little dimple on her right cheek that is quite pronounced if she smiles and a very, very strong neck that she can already lift on her own.  Her fuzzy little head snuggling close is enough to make me never want to set her down!  I honestly could not be more in love, feel more blessed, or be any happier.  I love my little Larkyn! 

God is so good to us.  I am so thankful for the three amazing kiddos He gave me and I am overwhelming blessed.  Thank you to all of you that are praying for us, caring for us with meals, and texting to check and see how we are doing.  Most of all, thank you Lord for being so, so, so GOOD to me.  


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Awwww!! I LOVE this. What sweet kiddos.

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This makes my heart happy. What a joy to see you mother those three precious children. Love you all!

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