Friday, June 29, 2018


We had a fantastic VBS week at Chapel Hill Church.  The theme was GAME ON, gearing up for life's big game.  Our director is fantasticly organized and our church was completely decorated to share the love and truth of Jesus to 210 kids.  This was the first year all three kids and I were involved, because this was the first year Larkyn was big enough to attend which meant I could lead too!  This year I was with kindergartners.   I was honestly a bit nervous as most of my background is working with classes of older kids, but God was beyond faithful and the week went so smoothly.  I was also a bit nervous how Larkyn would do away from me for 3 hours, 5 days in a row (she has been a Momma's girl lately) but she did fantastic and had so much fun each day with no tears! I am so thankful for the preschool leaders and 2nd grade leaders that loved and served my girls!  I didn't take many pictures as I was pretty busy all week, but I will include just a few.  A big shout out to the Lord for a great week!

 I want to remember this rainbow God painted for me during my Monday morning run before VBS.  I was nervous about teaching and on my Pandora mix came Light Up the Sky by The Afters.  Right when the chorus was playing I rounded the corner and saw this beautiful rainbow!  I felt God saying, "I am with you!  You are not teaching this large group of active kindergartners by yourself!  I am with you!"  The chorus is:

Light light light up the sky
You light up up the sky to show me
That you are with me
I I I can't deny
No I can't deny
That you are right here with me
You've opened my eyes
So I can see you all around me
Light light light up the sky
You light up the sky to show me
That you are with me

This was an awesome way to start the morning and VBS week and I am thankful God worked through my clay pot.

Larkyn in her group

Summer and Colton in their group

Thank you Lord for our awesome church and the amazing people you have placed in our lives!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Random Summer Fun

This past week has been so relaxing!  We have had very few commitments and have just enjoying being together. 

The beginning part of the week was rainy, so the kids organized/sorted their rooms.  The end of the week was sunny and beautiful and we went to the zoo, had a play date to the splash pad with our cousins, and had two play dates with different families that have kids the same age as all three of our kids ages.

 We have tried to make "reading-writing" time a priority each afternoon, and it has turned into one of my favorite parts of the day, because I get one-on-one time with each kid reading to me or practicing something relevant to reading/writing.

 Another goal for summertime for me is to teach the kids more independent kitchen skills, because I can take the time to teach them things when we are not on such a tight schedule.  This week all three kids made and cleaned up their own breakfasts, doing age appropriate skills.  For dinner this week the kids picked to make meatballs.  They were delicious!

Finally, we have made our Bible time even more of a priority.  I continue my individual morning devotions with each kid when they wake up, but with the ability to have later bedtimes, have truly enjoyed special evening devotions with the older two after Larkyn is in bed.  (Thanks to my cousin Alison for the great devotional suggestion: Foundations for Kids: A 260-day Bible Reading Plan for Kids).  Both kids love it!  It has been fun to see Colton grow in his ability to look up verses on his own and read the Bible to us, as well as have time to have good discussions with each of the kids as they naturally occur.

The kids had fun doing an experiment with Grandpa on electrical circuits and cooking a hotdog with electricity.

We have been getting TONS of strawberries this year and all three kids (but especially Larkyn!) love to pick and eat them!

One day's picking

Flowers for Mom from one of our pretty bushes!

Sibling Sleepover

making super hero gear from leftover screen

Love these two

Colton finished up his soccer season this week

His coaches were FANTASTIC!

 My friend Kim took these cute picture of the kids while we were watching her sons' soccer game.  I love them!

 I have loved this past week of "chill" time with my kids so much!  We're gearing up for VBS each morning next week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

11 Year Anniversary!

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary this week by going to see the Newsie's at Chanhassen Dinner Theater.  We had so much fun!!!  I love and appreciate this man so much more with every passing year.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me Paul!!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day

We love our Daddy SOOOO much!  We made daddy some stepping stones with the kids handprints, and brought them with us, along with very thoughtful homemade cards, to Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer where we celebrated Father's Day.