Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Obermayer Family Reunion and GeeGee's 90th Birthday Party

We had a blast hanging out with family in Chicago this past weekend.  We drove down Thursday evening and were ready for family festivities to begin Friday morning.  The family reunion kicked off with a breakfast at Walker Bros, a family favorite.

Then we headed to the park.

 Followed by a birthday party for GeeGee turning 90!

 Aunt Nancy planned a fun scavenger hunt for the kids (and dads!) after the party!

That afternoon the kids all swam in the hotel pool, followed by a yummy dinner at Red Robin.  On Saturday, we had the annual photo shoot with GeeGee in the shirts she had given the kids the day prior.  They turned out really cute!

After pictures, we headed for some delicious Giordanno's pizza!

And then, bowling!

 Dinner was at Panera.

 The grandparents babysat the kids so the cousins could go mini golfing Saturday night!  So fun!  Thanks, Grandparents!
 On Sunday, we all gathered in our hotel room.
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul gave Summer her birthday present early - a doll wardrobe!  She was ecstatic!
We had a mini church service all together which was really fun!  We are so blessed to have a family that loves the Lord.

We sang together.

The kids sang a VBS song they had each individually practiced, but put together.

Rowan and Cruz sang a song together.

Larkyn recited the first four verse of 1 Corinthians 13 (our family memory verse for the summer).

Summer read the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis 3.

Colton and Grandpa did a science object lesson showing our need for Jesus.
It was a wonderful weekend and I am so grateful for family!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baseball Camp

Both Summer and Colton have been very interested in baseball/softball and wanting to learn more about the game.  I found camp in our community ed brochure that allowed both genders ages 4-7 to go together and I loved that Summer and Colton could do a camp together!  The camp was last week, 5:30-6:30 Monday-Thursday.  They both really liked it, and they learned a lot through the fun baseball skill games they played with such fun coaches.  Here are a few pictures:

The camp met at Highland Elementary School, so we always went early and played on the playground.


The class had about 25-30 kids, divided into 3 groups.  Summer and Colton were paired up with Coach Tiny T.  Summer immediately noticed Coach Tiny T's cross necklace and told him that she was a Christian - love that! Both Summer and Colton improved in throwing a ball and loved the game where they tried to "hit" Coach Tiny T with their wiffle balls

At the end of the week, each of the 3 coaches awarded their small groups.  Here is Colton right after he received his award from Coach Tiny T.

Summer receiving her award.  Summer held her own as one of only two girls in a class of 25-30 kids!  She also weathered quite the bloody nose when the wind took coach Tiny T's wiffle ball pitch straight to her nose!  She didn't cry at all, and was such a trooper, smiling through a 5 minute long nose bleed!

All the coaches were amazing and energetic and fun, and I love the Skyhawks program, focusing on a character trait each day along with teaching sports skills.  (Colton has done and is currently enrolled in a Skyhawks soccer program called Soccer Shots)  The kids especially enjoyed Coach Pretzel and his teasing about how much he loved pretzels!

One of the sweetest parts of camp was the encouraging note that Coach Tiny T wrote to Summer and Colton.  After the camp dismissed for the last time, Coach Tiny T handed a handwritten note to our kids.  It was one of the sweetest, unprompted notes of encouragement I think they have ever gotten!  I included a picture of it below, and will type the words of the letter below the picture in case it is hard to read.

Letter from Coach Tiny T:

Summer and Colton,
Thank you so much for being so awesome this week.  You two are some of the nicest, friendliest Skyhawks campers I've ever had!  Not to mention, you are also some of the best listeners I've ever had at camp.  Please thank your parents for raising you so well.  I can tell you two love each other very much, keep that up.  I think its so cool how you two express your faith by the way you are so kind to others.  You are both a great example of God's love.  Keep being you!
-Coach Tiny T
P.S. I am so sorry for hitting not one, but both of you in the face with wiffle balls...I am terrible for doing that...To make it up to you, I left you both with a little something.  Please share it :).  Thanks again Summer and Colton!

Wow, that is like the nicest letter anyone could write about my kiddos!  Thank you Coach Tiny T for encouraging them and me!  What a fun week!