Thursday, July 13, 2017

Larkyn's Kiddo Birthday Party

Scheduling Larkyn's birthday party was no easy feat!  We originally scheduled it for June 22nd (a week before her birthday).  We planned a splash pad play date with friends - a causal play date + cupcakes.  June 22nd ended up being the only rainy day that week!...and full of we had to postpone.  Due to VBS the following week, and the 4th of July the week after, we rescheduled for Thursday July 13th.  The night before her party (despite the hot and sunny weather all week) the forecast was cold and cloudy...hardly pleasant for getting wet!  So we not only went with date #2, but also location #2, and moved the party to a local park!  We went to Lebanon Hills Playground, where there is a large park area and a giant sandbox.  We brought along cupcakes, lots of sand toys, the location ended up being perfect for our group, and everyone had a great time!  Here are some pictures, as well as a video of the group singing to her.

Birthday girl with her birthday cupcakes!  We made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting and pink sprinkles, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and MMs, and confetti cupcakes with vanilla confetti frosting.

Larkyn and her siblings

Park fun!

Cousin Teddy's first time attending one of our kid's "kiddo" parties! We are so blessed that our favorite (and only!) cousin lives so close!

Summer pushing Teddy on the swing

Larkyn and Teddy in the giant sandbox
Summer and Kate - neighborhood friend, BSF friend, and Southview Elementary School friend - whose sister Elsa is Larkyn's age.  Their family is an answer to prayer for Christian friends for our girls and they love playing together!

Colton and Ian - buddies since before they were born from playdates, BSF, Cubbies, VBS, and more!

Summer, Adelyn (above pictured Ian's sister) and Kate.  So thankful for these amazing friends for Summer!

Birthday Girl!

Larkyn in the giant sandbox with Ian and Lincoln (brothers)
Larkyn and Grandpa
A group of amazing, amazing friends including family, church, BSF, and ECFE friends.  We are so grateful for each one for many reasons, but also that they came to celebrate Larkyn with us!
 Here is a video of us singing to her:

We are also grateful for this beautiful photographer that captured these pictures!  Thanks, Grandma K!

Well, that about wraps up Larkyn's birthday celebrations except for one last thing: Larkyn's birthday date with Mommy.  I spent many hours looking for a fun thing to take Larkyn to for our date, and decided that, even thought it wasn't until fall, the perfect date would be to take her to see Balloonacy at the Children's Theater.  We will be going to the opening show on October 3rd :).  I am looking forward to my date with her!  Happy 3rd birthday, Larkyn!  On to planning Summer's 7th birthday, which is just around the corner!!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

We loved being there!!

Jill said...

What a fun party! The park was the perfect location. Grandpa and I loved being there to see all of your wonderful friends celebrate our Loo!!

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