Sunday, July 31, 2016

Obermayer Family Reunion

I always look forward to the Obermayer (my mom's side) family reunion each year.  My cousins and I have always been close, and it is fun for us, our husbands, and our kids to get to hang out all together as well as to see all of our extended family.  We drove to IL on Thursday after Summer's dance class, and arrived at the hotel in time to do some swimming before bed!

I love this video of the kids swimming with Daddy:

On Friday, we met up with all the extended family at Walker Brothers Pancake House.

Then we headed to a local park to play.

Next up was Culver's lunch where we celebrated my Grandma's 89th birthday!

In the afternoon, the littles napped, the ladies chatted, and the bigs swam off extra energy in the hotel pool.

 For dinner, the older generation went out for a kid free meal with the youngers went to a family friendly favorite Portillos.

 After we got the kiddos to bed, the older generation (i.e. the grandmas and grandpas of our kids) came and babysat while us cousins got to go out for an evening of fun.  We did a No Escape Room together, where you are locked in a room and try to solve your way out through figuring out various riddles and clues.  Very fun!

Then we went out for icecream and enjoyed kid-free catching up!

On Saturday, we met up for pictures of all of our kids...the 9 the special t-shirts GeeGee gave each kid.  The pictures turned out really cute!

We then went to Chuck-E-Cheese for fun and food and for another birthday celebration for GeeGee.  Chuck-E-Cheese is the perfect place to have an 89th birthday party, right? :)  GeeGee was a great sport and it was really fun for all the kids - both big and small :).

We then headed back to the hotel for naps for the littles and more swimming!

The kids had fun taking slow-motion videos of them jumping in the pool like this one:

We had dinner at Panera and then after the kids were in bed and the grandparents babysat sleeping grandkids again (amazing!) we cousins went mini golfing and out for Cold Stone icecream :).

On Sunday, we enjoyed a family worship time together with songs and Bible readings in our hotel room together, a video from our family reunion 20 years ago (crazy!), and ended our great weekend with pizza!  We drove the 6+ hours back home on Sunday.  It was such a fun weekend!  A huge shout out to my Uncle Paul for planning the weekend/activities/etc and to my mom for all the pictures!

Thank you!