Friday, July 8, 2016

Larkyn Splash Pad Birthday Playdate

We had a low key yet super fun birthday playdate for Larkyn's 2nd birthday.  We invited a bunch of friends to join us at a local splash pad for fun, picnic lunch, and cupcakes.  Here area a few pictures!

We had a pile of water toys to play with during the party, including watering cans, squirt guns, water shooters, buckets, etc and each kid got to pick one to take home with them.

Larkyn and Leyla

Because it was a cool/windy day our party was pretty much the only people there, which made it fun!  Besides being a little chilly, the kids didn't let the weather ruin their fun!

Larkyn and Tenley

Cayden (right) and Larkyn along with big brother Kellen

Larkyn seemed to have a lot of fun in the water!

Colton played hard the whole time and LOVED it!

Summer also loved playing in the water with her girl friends...

but probably equally loved the social aspect!

A shot of most of the friends that joined us...

along with these friends!

The cupcakes were a hit...

...out of 38 cupcakes brought, only a few returned home with us :)
Larkyn loves cupcakes!


Didn't get a picture of Carter (left) and Larkyn but they are only one day apart and dear friends of ours along with his sisters Melanie and Hannah :)

Boy fun with Corbin, Mason, Max, and Zander

Summer and Colton with friends Lilly and Amelia

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Larkyn with us!


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