Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Music Video

Today....due to naps...we didn't get out at all!!!  What do Tommerdahl kids do on a cold winter day?!  Make a music video.....



We had a fun Thanksgiving celebrating with the Tommerdahls!  We drove up to Fergus Falls on Wednesday evening.  The kids went to bed while we adults had fun playing Settlers of Catan.  On Thursday morning, the guys braved the cold, wind, and snow to go pheasant hunting.  We all met back at Uncle Kevin's house for turkey and football.  Summer had fun playing with Lilly, Jackson, Kopel, Morgan, and Wyatt.

Daddy playing with Colton after dinner

Colton in awe of his Uncle Ty :-)

Summer loved drinking out of her own water bottle!

Auntie Sarah and Colton

Summer and Lilly

Gee-Gee Sandy and Colton

Silly Summer and Auntie Sarah

Summer hugging Kopel goodbye
 We went back to Grandma and Grandpa T's house on Thursday evening.  On Friday, the guys went out hunting again and others of us went shopping :-).  We all met back at the house for hangout time in the afternoon.

trying to crawl


Brotherly sisterly "love" :-)
 On Friday evening, Shannon and her four kids came over to make Lefse, a Tommerdahl tradition. 
First you roll out the dough

Then you put it on the lefse griddle and flip it with the stick

Add butter and sugar

Summer "vacuuming" Uncle Ty

My favorite little girl

Summer showing Auntie Sarah her gymnastics is her "pike position"....

Here is her "tuck" position....

Here is her"tree" position....

And finally, her somersault :-)


We enjoyed lots of fun Mario Cart :-)

Colton is getting bigger now, so Summer and Colton are starting to be able to play together

Summer "burping" Colton :-)

Summer wiping Colton's nose :-)

A common position for Colton...a toy in his mouth!

What is happening over there?

Look at this awesome ball!

Colton enjoyed sitting up all by himself in the tub for the first time

He loved splashing!

 We drove home Sunday morning and made a stop in Woodbury for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood and Uncle Eric and Auntie Kristin.  We are SOOOO blessed to have such wonderful families!!!!

 ****Thank you Grandpa T for taking all these pictures and letting me steal them :-)****

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gymnastics with Daddy

We normally have gymnastics on Thursday mornings, however with Thanksgiving last week, our make-up lesson was on Tuesday night.  That meant that Daddy got to go to gymnastics with Summer!  Here is a few clips....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am 7 months old!

Hi everyone!  I am 7 months old now!  Being 7 months is pretty fun.  I get to eat lots of new cool foods now, even though they are still mushy :-).  I usually eat 3 solid meals a day with the family (breakfast @ 9am, lunch @ 1pm, and dinner @ 6pm) and nurse when I wake up around 7am and before I go to bed around 8pm.  I am pretty good at scooting backwards (and can travel quite a distance) but haven't learned how to scoot/crawl forwards yet.  Mommy says I look like I am trying to swim when I try to scoot forwards....see this video....

I am getting pretty good at sitting up, but I still tend to tip over after a while!  Here is a little video of me tipping over several times and then sitting up for a long time all by myself!

I like to babble a lot, smile a lot, laugh a lot, and I am getting better at entertaining myself.  I think Tucker and Summer are both pretty funny and fun to watch, too, and they get a lot of smiles and laughs out of me!

Until next time,
Colton Paul

Friday, November 9, 2012

CFA dinner

Paul received his CFA charter certificate last night at a fancy dinner and ceremony for all those in Minnesota who have passed the three CFA tests.  The speaker last night said that less than 20% of those who start this rigorous program end up completing it, and now Paul, after years of intense studying, is one of roughly 98,000 people in the world that holds this designation. 

Here is a video of him receiving his certificate.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun to Eat!

First Graham Cracker
Colton has been loving all foods!  Tonight he got to eat "real food"....chicken noodle soup and graham crackers!!!    (Last night my "reheated-homemade-chicken-noodle-soup" turned out so mushy we decided to blend it into baby now we have lots of "chicken noodle soup cubes" in the freezer for easy dinners for Colton!) 

Colton is feeding himself a lot sooner than Summer did, because he naturally puts everything in his mouth and chews it!  Here is a video of him eating a graham cracker :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I feel like we have a new room in our house!  Our basement used to be junk, bugs, and storage, but after a bunch of cleaning, painting, and putting down laminate flooring, it is an amazing usable space!  We turned half of the basement into a workout area, and the other half into a kids play area.  The two areas are divided by an old comfy couch that faces the kids area (perfect seating for Mommies during playdates!).  It is awesome how much bigger our living room upstairs looks (and how much easier it is to keep our living room neat!) when all the big toys are down in the basement now!

Kid's area...(Summer is in the middle of a tea party)

Work-out area
I am SUPER excited about my "new" treadmill because it gives me the flexibility to work out anytime, whether it is rainy or cold, or kids are awake or asleep!  It was my $125 Craig's list find, and birthday gift from both sets of parents (Thanks guys!!!).  It is a 12 year old, gym quality treadmill (i.e. 400 lbs!) that is super sturdy and feels just like the ones at the gym (as opposed to the flimsy-er ones that are better for just walking).  A HUGE thank you to Paul for driving an hour each way to pick it up, and to the guys in our Bible study that all pitched in to lug this thing down our basement stairs!!!  I love that I can run while the kids are playing or sleeping now.  It has been really fun to work out with them!  Colton and I have had several work outs together while Summer is sleeping (he jumps in the jumper, literally jumping the whole time I run!).....he is so cute!

Friday, November 2, 2012

First Day of Gymnastics

We enrolled Summer in a toddler/Mommy gymnastics class, and her first day was today!  It is a great way for her to be able to move around now that it is getting too cold to go to a park everyday, plus it is really fun for Summer and Mommy to do together!  The instructor gave great directions so that each "big person" could help their toddler through the 3 circuits/stations.  The first circuit had a lot of balancing, the second circuit had some bars/upper body stuff, and the last circuit was a lot of tumbling and jumping.  What fun!  Here is a little collection of videos of some of the things we did.