Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I feel like we have a new room in our house!  Our basement used to be junk, bugs, and storage, but after a bunch of cleaning, painting, and putting down laminate flooring, it is an amazing usable space!  We turned half of the basement into a workout area, and the other half into a kids play area.  The two areas are divided by an old comfy couch that faces the kids area (perfect seating for Mommies during playdates!).  It is awesome how much bigger our living room upstairs looks (and how much easier it is to keep our living room neat!) when all the big toys are down in the basement now!

Kid's area...(Summer is in the middle of a tea party)

Work-out area
I am SUPER excited about my "new" treadmill because it gives me the flexibility to work out anytime, whether it is rainy or cold, or kids are awake or asleep!  It was my $125 Craig's list find, and birthday gift from both sets of parents (Thanks guys!!!).  It is a 12 year old, gym quality treadmill (i.e. 400 lbs!) that is super sturdy and feels just like the ones at the gym (as opposed to the flimsy-er ones that are better for just walking).  A HUGE thank you to Paul for driving an hour each way to pick it up, and to the guys in our Bible study that all pitched in to lug this thing down our basement stairs!!!  I love that I can run while the kids are playing or sleeping now.  It has been really fun to work out with them!  Colton and I have had several work outs together while Summer is sleeping (he jumps in the jumper, literally jumping the whole time I run!).....he is so cute!


Jill said...

I agree, Kel, that it's like having a whole new room added to your house. What a transformation. What, no bug/junk "before" pictures? :) The play area is absolutely adorable and so fresh and clean. Glad you are enjoying the treadmill. You are so set to head into a Minnesota winter now!

The Baum Family said...

Wow! It looks terrific!!!! How nice yo have your own workout space and a space for toys!!! You guys did great.

Jessi Brink said...

This is AWESOME Kel! How fun!

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