Wednesday, November 28, 2012


We had a fun Thanksgiving celebrating with the Tommerdahls!  We drove up to Fergus Falls on Wednesday evening.  The kids went to bed while we adults had fun playing Settlers of Catan.  On Thursday morning, the guys braved the cold, wind, and snow to go pheasant hunting.  We all met back at Uncle Kevin's house for turkey and football.  Summer had fun playing with Lilly, Jackson, Kopel, Morgan, and Wyatt.

Daddy playing with Colton after dinner

Colton in awe of his Uncle Ty :-)

Summer loved drinking out of her own water bottle!

Auntie Sarah and Colton

Summer and Lilly

Gee-Gee Sandy and Colton

Silly Summer and Auntie Sarah

Summer hugging Kopel goodbye
 We went back to Grandma and Grandpa T's house on Thursday evening.  On Friday, the guys went out hunting again and others of us went shopping :-).  We all met back at the house for hangout time in the afternoon.

trying to crawl


Brotherly sisterly "love" :-)
 On Friday evening, Shannon and her four kids came over to make Lefse, a Tommerdahl tradition. 
First you roll out the dough

Then you put it on the lefse griddle and flip it with the stick

Add butter and sugar

Summer "vacuuming" Uncle Ty

My favorite little girl

Summer showing Auntie Sarah her gymnastics is her "pike position"....

Here is her "tuck" position....

Here is her"tree" position....

And finally, her somersault :-)


We enjoyed lots of fun Mario Cart :-)

Colton is getting bigger now, so Summer and Colton are starting to be able to play together

Summer "burping" Colton :-)

Summer wiping Colton's nose :-)

A common position for Colton...a toy in his mouth!

What is happening over there?

Look at this awesome ball!

Colton enjoyed sitting up all by himself in the tub for the first time

He loved splashing!

 We drove home Sunday morning and made a stop in Woodbury for lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood and Uncle Eric and Auntie Kristin.  We are SOOOO blessed to have such wonderful families!!!!

 ****Thank you Grandpa T for taking all these pictures and letting me steal them :-)****


Kay said...

Loved every single minute!!! I love nothing more than to have all of my kids and my grandkids under one roof!

Jessi Brink said...

Very fun Thanksgiving :) I love it when the kiddos can start playing together! Just you wait Kel...It only gets better!!!

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