Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am 7 months old!

Hi everyone!  I am 7 months old now!  Being 7 months is pretty fun.  I get to eat lots of new cool foods now, even though they are still mushy :-).  I usually eat 3 solid meals a day with the family (breakfast @ 9am, lunch @ 1pm, and dinner @ 6pm) and nurse when I wake up around 7am and before I go to bed around 8pm.  I am pretty good at scooting backwards (and can travel quite a distance) but haven't learned how to scoot/crawl forwards yet.  Mommy says I look like I am trying to swim when I try to scoot forwards....see this video....

I am getting pretty good at sitting up, but I still tend to tip over after a while!  Here is a little video of me tipping over several times and then sitting up for a long time all by myself!

I like to babble a lot, smile a lot, laugh a lot, and I am getting better at entertaining myself.  I think Tucker and Summer are both pretty funny and fun to watch, too, and they get a lot of smiles and laughs out of me!

Until next time,
Colton Paul


Jill said...

Such a happy big boy! Love him!!

The Baum Family said...

His laugh is so infectious!!! So precious.

Kristin K said...

I miss your babies!!! I need to see them again. When?!?! Bring them to me? ;)

The O'Connor Family said...

Cute!!! Can't wait to see that cutie pie at Christmas!

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