Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures - Summer 4 year, Colton 2 year, Larkyn Newborn

Each year around their birthday I like to take the kids to JCPennies for a formal portraits.  Since Larkyn was due in July, in between Colton's April birthday and Summer's August birthday, I decided to wait until after Larkyn was born and take all three of them in together for pictures.  I was a bit nervous at how photographing 3 kids, 3 and under, would go, so I asked my mom to come with me (thanks mom!).  I told my mom I had high hopes but low expectations for how these pictures would go.  They went WAY better than I would have imagined...Larkyn slept the whole time, Colton's 2-year-old-self actually cooperated, and Summer (as usual) did great :).  Here are some of the pictures we took (if you are a family member you will be getting some combination of photos in the mail in the next few weeks).

My 3 favorite kiddos #1

My 3 favorite kiddos #2

My 3 favorite kiddos #3

My 3 favorite kiddos #4
My 3 favorite kiddos #5

Summer #1

Summer #2

Summer #3

Summer #4

Summer #5

Colton #1

Colton #2

Colton #3

Colton #4

Colton #5

Larkyn #1

Larkyn #2

Larkyn #3

Larkyn #4

Larkyn #5

The kids sat so nicely watching the DVD while my mom and I chose which photos to order.  Larkyn did great in the Baby Bjorn :)

Larkyn's Birth Announcement :)


The Baum Family said...

Such cute pics! Love them all. :)

The O'Connor Family said...

Super cute pictures, Kel!! So many great ones to choose from!

Jill said...

Just loving those kiddos and these pictures.

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