Monday, July 14, 2014

Some things we'be been up to....

Larkyn's first tub bath

How we make sure we return all our library books: #1 Kids line up all books from "the library book basket".  #2: I call out a name of a book from the list we have checked out.  #3 Kids take turns finding the book and bringing it to me.

Summer signing the back of her first library card

Summer's first library card!

Kids checking out library books.  (FYI: Larkyn did great and slept through her first library visit!)

First big Target trip = success!  No tears from any of the three!

Larkyn's first tummy time

Love this!

and this :)

Making cards for Max and Lilah (two birthday parties this weekend!)

Love these three!

Daddy and his girls :)

Friday night date night - campfire and S'mores

Larkyn joined our date night about an hour in ;)

Riding the light rail to a park - all part of Max's third birthday party

All the "conductors" at Max's third birthday party

Beautiful Summer

Teeter Totter

Larkyn's favorite spot - the baby bjorn - where she spent all of Max's birthday party :)


Swinging together

Monkey bars!

How we kept dry walking through the rain to secure a spot at the Lakeville Days Parade

Lakeville Days Parade

Hugs for Larkyn after Sunday School

Baking cupcakes for Uncle Eric's birthday...

Both kids helped!

Colton seriously did an awesome job stirring!

Summer did all the sprinkles :)

The boys mowing


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