Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Larkyn's 6th Birthday!

Happiest 6th birthday to our energetic sparkplug, our animal loving, personality filled, fashionista, Larkyn Emery!  She had many celebrations spanning several weeks....here are some pictures!

July 1st

On Larkyn's actual birthday, we were in Yellowstone National Park on our family vacation.  Her day included breakfast in bed (donuts), presents, streamer decorated car seat, horseback riding, white water rafting, seeing hot springs, dinner and dessert of choice, and time in the hot tub!  Here are some pictures...



Kirkwood Side

The weekend before Larkyn's birthday, she got to celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa K and the cousins at the cabin!  They made her favorite food, corndogs, and got a special Elsa cake.  Larkyn was so excited to open a Bo Peep staff and costume, her own pair of roller blades (she has been borrowing her brothers' non-stop!), a new dance outfit, and many other pink items!  Teddy made her a sweet card too!

Tommerdahl Side

When we got home from our trip in Yellowstone, Larkyn had a sweet card from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty and Cousin Owen!   The celebrating wasn't done yet! Larkyn got to celebrate in two stages with Grandma and Grandpa T at the trailer!  Larkyn was so excited to go with them to pick out her birthday present, a new bike.  When she found her favorite one, Grandma had actually found that exact one at a rummage sale!  So, Larkyn was given the very exciting choice of either picking a new version of her favorite bike, or, picking the used version of her favorite bike, and then getting to go shopping for some other new toys!  She was SO excited to choose the latter option and picked out a large remote control jeep for stuffed animals and pink battery operated "live" puppy!   The celebration continued to the following Sunday when Grandma and Grandpa threw her a little party with decorations, her favorite food, corn dogs, a cookie dough ice cream cake, and special guests GeeGee Sandy and Taylor!

All I can say is THANK YOU for loving on our little girl and making her feel SO special!  She is SO blessed to have all of you in her life!  I pray she continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus each day, and that he continues to mold her heart to be in tune with his will for her life.  I pray that she will always stay on His path and that she would be God's sparkplug, exuding God's truth, love, and light with all she meets!  


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