Thursday, June 21, 2012


The large room where we went to "mini" VBS
At Hosanna, a nearby church, they have "mini" Vacation Bible School for kids 10-33 months old.  Mommy's stay with their kiddos during the morning.  Summer and I went last year, and were excited to go back this year along with 4 of Summer's friends, Addison, Adry, Sydney, and Lily!  The kids start with 20 minutes of song and story time in a big room with all the "big kids" and then go back to a different room with lots of fun "stations" with things to do such as a water station, sand station, play kitchen, car station, musical instrument station, slides, book station, snack table, several craft tables, etc.

When Summer and I first talked about going to VBS, she kept mentioning "listen eye, listen eye".  I finally realized that she thought we were going to CVS (The Pharmacy around here that has a minute clinic....we went there a month and a half ago when Summer had pink eye, and the doctor 'listened' to her eye!)  That girl has quite the memory!

Because VBS was over Colton's morning nap, Grandma came and stayed with Colton while Mommy and Summer had a little date.  Today, Grandma took Summer to VBS while Mommy stayed with Colton!  Here are a few pictures of our week.....

On Monday Summer ate cereal with milk for the first time like Mommy does! (She normally eats cereal with her fingers and drinks the milk separately!)

Grandma and Summer

The water table




Reading....Summer LOVED the kid sized couch!


Feeding Baby

Snack time!
Here is Summer's version of what she did at VBS....


Jill said...

It was a blast to be with Colton when you took Summer to VBS and it was a bonus blessing to take Summer to VBS today. Thanks, Kel, for inviting me! I think it was so cute that Summer has learned to say, "ummm", while she is thinking of how to answer a question. :)

Unknown said...

So sweet, I love the videos you post Kelly! Summer & the giraffe was so heartwarming- what a good little mommy!

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