Sunday, October 20, 2019

Summer's 6th Spiritual Birthday!

Faith in Jesus Christ is FIRST priority in our family, which is why we make such a big celebration out of our kids’ Spiritual birthdays!!! (Each year, we remember and celebrate the individual days each of our kids chose to make faith in Jesus their OWN personal faith by accepting His free gift of salvation. ) Today is Summer’s 6th Spiritual birthday! We celebrated as we do each year - she got to be a servant and make dinner for the family of her own choosing (rainbow spaghetti and meatballs, mermaid slush, rainbow fruit kabobs, cake pops, and more!) and get one gift chosen to help her grow more in her faith. I rejoice in all the ways I see Jesus in and through her as she continues to grow in him!!! Celebrating October 19th, 2013 today!!!! Love you so much Summer Tenleigh!!!

One of my favorite parts about spiritual birthdays, is we go back and remember what God has done!  We so enjoyed reading through these blog posts and rejoicing over what God is doing and has done in Summer's life!  I'll include the links here as to what we read through during dinner....

2013 - Summer's Decision
2014 - Summer's 1st spiritual birthday
2015 - Summer's 2nd spiritual birthday
2016 - Summer's 3rd spiritual birthday
2017 - Summer's 4th Spiritual birthday
2018 - Summer's 5th Spiritual Birthday
2019 - THIS blog post :)


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