Monday, October 29, 2018

Summer 's Spiritual Birthday

On October 19th, we celebrated Summer's 5th spiritual birthday!  I love celebrating these milestones, because it is a chance to stop and remember what God has done and is doing in each kid's life.  In BSF this year, we just finished up studying the book of Joshua, where God's people would set up stones as markers to remember the amazing things God did for them, so that when the kids would ask their parents, "Why are those stones there?", it would be a talking point for them to remember God's faithfulness.  Well, we don't have a stone memorial to remember how God worked a miracle in Summer's life on October 19th, 2013, but we do have a date on the calendar that we remember and celebrate each year.  And during dinner on October 19th, we always read the story (here) of how God drew Summer to himself.  I am SO thankful God worked and is working in Summer's life!

We have 3 ways we celebrate spiritual birthdays at our house. 

  1. The kid gets to pick and cook dinner (being servant to the family).
  2. The kid gets one gift to further their spiritual growth in the coming year.
  3. We read the blog post, remember, and talk about how God worked in that kids' life both on that day, as well as in the past year.
This year was especially fun, as Summer is old enough to do quite a bit of cooking on her own!  As usual, she picked her own recipes, pinning them to her own folder on my Pinterest account.  On the day of her spiritual birthday (we had school off for MEA) she spent the morning in the kitchen mostly by herself, making her lemon blueberry trifle and entirely cleaning up the kitchen by herself.  She loved it and it was really fun for me to watch her! 

Before dinner she started her braided pizza calzones which turned out sooo delicious!  She made one entirely by herself and I made the other, for the sake of time!

She opened two CD's of Psalms set to music  She loves to listen to calming Scripture CD's before bed or when she is feeling stressed and these were perfect!

Happy Spiritual Birthday, Summer!  We are so so so proud of you and your love for Jesus!


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