Wednesday, October 31, 2018


On a day off school, the kids requested to go thrift shopping for Halloween costumes.  Because they each had a costume that fit, I told them that if they wanted a different one, they needed to use their own money.  Not only did they find amazing deals, but they coordinated their outfits in such a cute way to be Dorothy, the Lion, and a Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  It's fun having big kids!

Their costumes turned out so cute and they really had fun with them!  The older two enjoyed their Halloween parties and parade at school.   I was so grateful that Grandma and Grandpa K could step in and be party helpers as I had to be home with Larkyn who was still running a fever.

Grandma helped out with Summer's class party

Summer in the all-school costume parade

Summer with two friends who also happened to be Dorothy!

Colton's class lined up for the all school parade

Colton in the parade

Grandpa helped out with the science station at Colton's Halloween party

The kids with some neighbor friends before trick-or-treating.  We let Larkyn do a few houses, but then she came home and went to bed as she was still running a fever.


When Larkyn was feeling better, Mr. Ken, our neighbor, invited us over to give the kids some special Halloween treats!


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