Sunday, October 28, 2018

School Stuff

The kids got their school pictures, and Larkyn last minute got to pose for one!  Because Larkyn helped out on picture day with me, and enjoyed chatting with and making friends with the personable photographers during their breaks, they invited her stand for a picture as well (which she thought was SO fun!).

Summer 3rd Grade

Colton 1st Grade

Larkyn Pre-K

Summer and Colton's teachers are both using an app called SeeSaw, which is kind of like facebook for their class.  Its a closed group of parents, that teachers (and in Summer's class, students) can post about their day.  It has been really fun to see daily pictures and videos on what is happening in the classroom!  I will share a few we have received.


Colton at recess with a group of boys he and his friends call "the Jimmies"


The day they got their "Kiwi" bags, daily homework bags that come home with a book to read on their own, along with a notebook to journal about the book in.

Colton's class playing a game outside

Chrome books in the classroom (Colton is on the right with the blue headphones)

On Fridays they get fun time in the afternoon

I took this one  :)  Larkyn and I love coming for lunch on Italian Dunker Day!
Colton class earned Jammie Day.  Colton is wearing yellow jammies in the back left.
Colton and his 4th grade buddy Alex, on Jammie Day, building something!


The girls in Summer's class. Summer is second from right.

Summer's class after the apex fun run.  Summer is front row right, kneeling.

Principal Appreciation Day.  Summer is holding the hot pink sign backrow, second from the left.

Summer's class - Summer is standing just left of middle.

Summer and her kindergarten buddy, Malin.
Summer's class earned a Culver's Day

Summer's class does Would You Rather Wednesdays, where they have to pick a side and debate it.  We've gotten to hear their debates through video posted on the SeeSaw app.

I really appreciate how intentional the kids' teachers are about sharing things that have happened throughout the day with us as parents.  I love seeing videos of them dissecting fruit, walking quietly in the hallway, or sharing something they have learned or done with us.  Thank you, Southview teachers!


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