Sunday, December 10, 2017

Summer piano recital

Summer had her piano recital at 7pm on Saturday, the same day she had her first musical performance that afternoon!  Needless to say, it was a busy weekend!  Summer has really come a long way in her piano.  She has always loved to perform, but has needed work in the area of keeping an even rhythm.  This fall she grew a ton in this area!  It is still a challenge for her, but she has improved so much!  Her teacher gave her a very challenging recital piece.  Not only did she need to keep an "even" rhythm in the left hand, but she needed to keep a separate "lilting" rhythm in the right hand.  She worked hours upon hours practicing both the left and right hand separately, and then trying to get them to fit together.  Her perfectionist self was not yet content with it when the day of the recital rolled around, but she definitely improved so much!  I am so proud of her persistence through the frustration of learning this song, as well as her great attitude!  Further more, I am very proud of how she handled a tough situation at the recital.  She had a "mind blank" in the middle of her recital piece where she couldn't remember what came next (she had memorized the song).  She calmly sat, remembered where she was, and finished her song.  She was very disappointed in herself, and we had the important opportunity to encourage her, as well as make it very clear that we are so proud of her even if she didn't play her song perfectly!  We discussed how at some point in life, everyone has a "mess up", and she was able to get her first one out of the way, and realize that life still goes on!  It was a very important lesson for a perfectionist, and I am so glad she had such a great support system of family around her to help her realize this truth.  As I told her multiple times before the performance, no matter what happens I am proud of your perseverance with this song!  Great job, at your recital, Summer! 

Video of Summer's song:

Thank you so much to all our family that came to support Summer in her recital!!


The Baum Family said...

That was beautiful!!! Great job, Summer!

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