Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Musical

All three kids were involved with our Christmas musical at church this year, "Wrapping All the Way".  They started rehearsals early this fall and have practiced very hard!   Summer was excited to get a part this year.  As one of the four "back-up singers" to Queen Dazzlebum, she enthusiastically echoed the Queen's words in song! Colton had a solo.  Larkyn got to be an angel in the mini nativity.  Here are a few pictures and videos:

Colton's Solo

 Video of Colton's Solo:

Colton and Larkyn singing
 Video of Colton and Larkyn Singing:

Summer as backup singer

Video of Backup Singers / Summer Solo:

Back Up Singers

Back Up Singers

Backup Singers

Videos of some of Summer's parts:

Video of Summer Singing:

Video of Colton Singing:

Larkyn the "angel" in the mini nativity

Larkyn "modeling" her angel costume on stage!
 Video of Larkyn as angel:

The choir

The first night we had tons of great support!  Grandma and Grandpa T, GeeGee Sandy, Javonte, Grandma and Grandpa K, Auntie Kristin, Uncle Eric, Teddy, and Summer's 2nd grade school teacher from Southview, Mrs. Bottom even came!
The second performance Grandma and Grandpa T, GeeGee Sandy, Javonte, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ty, Auntie Madison and Uncle Jordan all came to watch!

Here is an "in action" shot of the kids with our neighbor Mr. Ken, who also came to support our kids!  The kids loved throwing the confetti from the end of the show!
It was a really fun show and we are so grateful to all the people that came to support the kids!


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