Monday, October 30, 2017

Larkyn October Update

October Random Photo Dump for .... LARKYN! :)

This little girl LOVES to dress up!
Working on her favorite color survey...coloring in the colors...

Ready for her neighborhood survey...she puts a sticker on the correct square for each answer...

She LOVED this part!

She loved interviewing people and wanted to go do it again and again!

The results of her survey.  We discussed most/least as well as how to read the chart.

Every Wednesday we nap together...CHERISH these moments!!  (Wednesdays are busy...BSF for Larkyn and I in the morning, then gymnastics for the girls after school, then late night church night.)

I never want to forget how she sleeps!!!

Lunch run!

She eats... I run!

Working on her name...tracing...

Spotting the letters

"Look Mom, I'm Grandpa K!"

Fall fun with cousin Teddy. 

I love watching these two interact :)

Starting to write letters all by tracing.  Here is "L" and "A"

"R" and "K"



Matching upper / lower case letters (Clear spoons have upper case letters and white spoons have lower case letters...stacking the spoons reveals the match)
  This day was the first time she matched ALL of her upper and lower case letter spoons all by herself !  (They were divided into 4 groups of 6-7 letters for her to match each group).
little scientist

hiking with friend Carter

Tossing rocks into the gunky pond with Carter

Larkyn's favorite pre-school activities always involve food ;)

With dance buddy Molly
 Dance Videos:

Reading books!

She loves making charts and is really good at reading them now.

Daddy time!

Playing Memory!

Larkyn has been sick for the last week.  Awake much of the night. Temps up to 103.  Finally on Saturday when she told us her ear hurt Daddy brought her in...and sure enough ... ear infection.  Getting meds in her in her very over tired state was quite the challenge, but Daddy figured out a way to doctor up chocolate milk so Larkyn didn't even know she was downing her meds.  Yay Daddy!  Anyway, Larkyn konked out on the couch today after many nights of little sleep.



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