Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Birthday!

I had a fantastic 33rd birthday!

It started with a shopping and lunch date with my mom and sister (and Teddy and Larkyn) at the outlet mall on Thursday.  It was so fun!
I wish I got a pic of all of us but the only pic I took was me in my new fall coat :)
On Saturday, after Colton's last soccer game, we went to Severs Corn Maze and Fall Festival for my birthday activity!  Despite the cold and rain we had a BLAST and I have so many fun memories!!!

We had a blast navigating this corn maze (the white part above is the path and the green part is the corn!) and along the way we looked for each of the letters.
The maze was so fun to do as a family!

Summer and Colton took turns leading us to the next letter (We had to find A-Z in the maze and at each letter was a cool fact).

Daddy helped the kids orient themselves and learn how to read the map.

Both kids did a great job leading our family!  And daddy was a very good and patient teacher :)

Larkyn was excited to find the letter "L" :)

After we found all the letters, Daddy and Larkyn found the way out of the maze for us!

My favorite family memory of the day was watching Daddy and the kids jump haybales in the cold rain!  It was freezing, yet their smiles were huge!

Summer and Daddy having fun doing a silly dance together on a hay bale stage in the rain!

I just love their faces!

Love Colton's leap!

After getting soaked to the bone we went inside to the petting zoo, but first we stopped in the parkeet tent.  They were very interactive!

When we got back to the car we stripped the wet clothing off the kids and tucked them in warm dry blankets!
On Sunday morning, my actual birthday, I got breakfast in bed!
I had lots of fun sidewalk chalk decorations!

Hard to see in the pic, but the driveway is covered with pictures and a happy birthday message!
After church we went out to eat at Valley Diner.

And then went apple picking at Applewood Orchard!

On Tuesday night, my parents were babysitting all day (as I was at school volunteering all day) and Paul got off work early so we could go hiking!  We had gorgeous views!

"Kelly heaven"!  After hiking til dinner, we went out to eat, went shopping, and out for ice cream.

It was a fantastic birthday full of my favorite things and favorite people and I felt overwhelmingly blessed!


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