Monday, October 30, 2017

Summer October Updates

October Random Photo Dump....SUMMER!

Soooo excited about her new heels...Summer practiced her posture with a book on her head for much of one afternoon!  She even asked Mommy if she could have "walking in heel lessons" from  her Auntie Kristin ;)

Summer is doing a fantastic job practicing her piano.  Daddy took this picture of us working on her recital piece, which she will play December 9th.  

Summer and I planned a date with 5 of her girl friends and their moms to see the play Junie B Jones, based on a series of books written about a 1st grader named Junie B Jones.  It was fantastic!!!!!!

We all went out to dinner at Panera before the show

We bought "pillow seats" in the front row.

Summer and Kate

Budding actresses

So silly!  What a fun night!
Summer loves to write.  She loves to journal.  Pretty much anywhere she goes she brings a journal to take notes on whatever we are doing.  Lately she has been asking to use my computer to type up poems. 

Poem written by Summer


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So cute!! I love their costumes. Summer's m and m is fabulous!

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