Saturday, October 7, 2017

Colton Soccer

Grandpa T got some fantastic pictures of Colton playing soccer (he is #7) that I will share below along with Colton's team picture that we got back that weekend.  Also pictured below is when Colton went with Daddy and Uncle Eric (and met up with Uncle Jordan) to the MN Loons last home soccer game.  Colton was very pumped about his new Loons jersey!


Enthusiastic about his goal :)

Headed to the MN Loons game!
Colton also had a blast going to a special night for season ticket holders with Daddy where he got to meet the Loons and get lots of autographs!

 Back to Colton's is a picture of Colton with his coach on his last day of soccer.

Coach Gena was FANTASTIC with the kids, encouraging to Colton, and truly helped him in his game.

As Gena handed the kids their awards she said something she liked about each kid.  For Colton, she said he had good placement :).

It has been a blast to see how much Colton truly loves soccer, both playing it, watching it, and spending time with Daddy!


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