Monday, October 30, 2017

Colton October Updates

October Random Photo Dump.... COLTON!

Big news is... Colton learned to tie his shoes!

He REALLY wanted these "soccer" type shoes just like Daddy has...and even chose them over a Lightning McQueen pair!!! 

He learned to tie them in a day!  Ummm, is it just me, or is he suddenly looking old?!
Colton continues to love all things soccer, including the MN soccer team the Loons.  For his "Disguise the turkey so it doesn't get eaten" project at school he and Daddy worked as a team to disguise his turkey as a Loons player :)

Colton also continues to love all things science.  Grandpa K and Colton worked together to make a spectrometer?...out of a paper towel tub and a CD...when you at a light look through it, it divides the light into the different colors that make it up.

He loves to make the volcano with his science set.
For Colton's after school Mommy-Colton date this month, he picked to head to the library and play board games!

Connect Four

Guess Who

Colton has REALLY improved in his writing and suddenly LOVES it!  He will often be found at his desk in his room putting together words that he knows and sounding out words he doesn't to make notes for the family.  It is so cute!

(And he still loves Lightning McQueen!)

He wrote his numbers 1-102 just for fun!

Elmer the Elephant...Kindergarten project

Note from Colton: I love you. I hope you have a great day.  I am excited for the superhero party.

Note from Colton: Hi Summer, I hope we can play cars soon.  Good bye Summer!
It is so fun for me to see him gain such an interest in writing!  Thank you to his teacher Mrs. Davis!! :)


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