Tuesday, October 31, 2017


This year all three kids had fun dressing up for activities at school and dance during the day, and then loved running around the neighborhood trick-or-treating at night!

At Southview, each class has a Fall Party, and then all the classes do a costume parade for the parents in the afternoon.  I was so excited that Colton's party was scheduled for before the parade and Summer's was scheduled for after, so I could help with both!

Colton's kindergarten class all dressed up.  Colton is front row, just left of center.

Colton had been planning to be a MN Loons soccer player for Halloween for a very long time!

At the party, I got to man the "bingo" station as the class rotated through various games and activities.  Then they got to make a spider out of oreos, twizzlers, and M&M's and eat it!

Colton in the fall parade at school

Summer in the fall parade at school

Summer's class didn't take a group photo (bummer!) so I just took this one of part of her class eating their apples and caramel at the party.  She is in the far right corner of the picture.  Her class, too, rotated through different stations.  I helped out as a Bingo caller and also running the game "Headbandz" for small groups of 2nd graders as they rotated through the stations.

Meanwhile, while Mommy and the kids were at school, Larkyn got to wear her costume to dance class!  (Thanks Grandpa K for taking her!)
When I saw how cold the weather was predicted to be (coldest Halloween in 10 years!), I quick ran to Goodwill yesterday and grabbed a superhero costume for Colton as a backup...his Loons jersey and shorts would likely not be warm enough!  Besides, I knew he would need a superhero costume for our Mother-Son community ed super hero party we are going to (put on by the same people as the Daddy-Daughter Dance) next weekend.  I chose "The Flash" costume, as it reminded me of Lightning McQueen.  Colton enjoyed running all over doing "fast" things and wore his costume all day after school yesterday and has soon as he got home from school today!  What boy doesn't love being a superhero?! :)

"Acting" out their costumes, haha!

We trick or treated for over an hour and the kids got tons of candy!

Our pumpkins :)


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I loved all of your updates! So fun to hear about each kid individually. I loved their costumes. Summer's m and m is fabulous!

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