Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School!

We now have the first week of school under our belt - and the kids did AMAZING!  Seriously.  I kept waiting for the tired meltdown to start for Colton, as its his first experience going to school (and all day kindergarten at that) and every day he came running out of school exuberantly and enthusiastically saying "It was the best day!" and every morning he woke up excited to go back!  The first day was no exception as he was SO incredibly excited to go!  While I will admit I was not looking forward to sending him off to school (I like having him home!) he couldn't have made it any easier on his mama...being confident, excited, enthusiastic, giving me lots of hugs, telling me all about his day after school each day, and being able to be his amazing self even after a long day...he rocked his first week for sure!  And Summer, while self-admittedly having mixed feelings of going back after a great relaxing and fun-filled summer, also did an amazing job acclimating back to the school schedule, confidently walking in on the first day, and keeping a great attitude through the whole week despite feeling tired some mornings.  She enjoys her new class and teacher and I am very proud of her, and so grateful that she too, will sit and tell me all about her day when she gets home!  This mama is so thankful her kiddos love to talk :).  Without further ado, here are some pictures of the first day...

Our school is finishing a construction project - hence the dirt!

They walked in confidently, hand in hand, without looking back.  Good thing I had my sunglasses on to hide my tears :-)...they are growing up so fast!  They are such good kids and I am so thankful for them and proud of them, and pray God's blessings and protection over their year.


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Great job momma! I love Summer's rainbow backpack!!

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