Saturday, September 23, 2017

Colton Updates: 1st Tooth Lost, Kindergarten Sunday, Soccer, Apex Run, Date

Colton is continuing to thrive in kindergarten!  Here are a few updates on my favorite little buddy.

First Tooth Lost

Colton lost his first tooth on Tuesday Sept. 19th.  It has been wiggly for the past month, but when it started to stick from his jaw line horizontally and interfere with him eating corn on the cob, he asked Mommy to pull it :).  One quick turn and it was out!

Kindergarten Sunday

At our church, kids move from the preschool program to the school age program on the first Sunday after Labor Day on the year they start kindergarten.  The occasion was special not only because now Colton can be in Summer's class (which they are both excited about!) but also because the kids are given their first Bible, the NIrV (New International Readers Version).  (*Note: While I had requested his Bible from our amazing children's director early last spring as he was ready to start reading out of the big Bible during our daily Bible reading, Colton still "officially" received his Bible on promotion Sunday).  Over the past four months, we have been daily reading out of it, including reading the entire book of Matthew together.  Now that Colton has started kindergarten, his and my daily Bible reading has moved from his afternoon quiet time (last year) to when I wake him up around 7am before school (this year), and he loves waking up this way (as does Summer :)).

Video of receiving Bible:

A friend texted me this picture of our sweet boy praying along with the Pastor after the Bibles were given out and I just love this picture so much!!!!!


I debated signing up Colton for fall soccer as I didn't want him to be overtired because it meant Tuesday night and Saturday morning commitments on his first year of full day school.  However I am so glad I did!  Not only does he LOVE soccer, but he comes home from school with so much physical wiggly energy that soccer is the perfect outlet!  My favorite part about watching Colton play is that he is engaged in the game 100% of the time.  Even if he is on defense and the ball is on the other end of the field, he is in ready position, constantly moving back and forth horizontally across the field with a determined look on his face that I cannot help but smile when I watch!  When Colton likes something, he likes it with a passion, and soccer is no exception.  I love watching how much he enjoys it!  This fall, Colton's team name is the Blue Lava, and he is #7.

Kicking the ball

In ready defense postion

With fans Grandma and Grandpa K and Auntie Kristin (Summer and Uncle Eric were with Teddy :) )

Colton, Mom and Dad

Playing soccer with Daddy in the backyard

Apex Fun Run

Southview's fundraiser each year is the Apex Fun Run.  The kids gather pledges, and fulfill them by running laps on the Apex Run Day at school.  I had fun volunteering at his run and got a few pictures.  He loved it and ran hard the whole time, running 48 laps around the 1/16th of a mile track (3 miles!)...and with a smile!  After volunteering, I stayed for lunch with him in the cafeteria for macaroni and cheese and mini corn dog day :).  How crazy that only a few short months ago we were coming to have lunch with Summer, and Colton was the little sibling learning how to do hot lunch...and now its him I'm visiting at school!  Crazy!  He seems so big!!

Colton led his class out to the field!

Running strong!

We did it!

Getting his hot lunch like a pro!

Mom and Colton selfie in the cafeteria.  I loved sitting at his lunch table and meeting all his classmates that I had heard so much about! 

Mommy Colton Date #1

I'm trying a new thing this year, now that the majority of my kids are in school ;).  My parents come on Tuesdays to hang out with Larkyn while I volunteer in the kids' classrooms at school and stay through the evening two Tuesdays a month to babysit while Paul and I have our small group Bible study. On the two Tuesdays a month when my parents stay late, I have started the tradition of a date afternoon rotation with my two school aged kiddos so that I can make sure to get special one-on-one time with them despite the fact that they are in school most of the day.   My first date was with Colton, and he picked to have special Mommy time at the library playing a mechanics computer game and cuddling/reading books just us two.  I loved his choice:). 

Colton continues to love how things work and building things.  He loves math and has an outside the box way of approaching things that I love.  I wonder if he will be some sort of engineer?  I enjoy watching what he builds, creates, asks, thinks, and is interested in.  Its so fun seeing him grow and learn!

I am so proud of how Colton is taking his faith with him to kindergarten, wanting to and trying so hard to remember to pray before eating his lunch, naturally praying for classmates who don't treat him kindly, and trying so hard to live out the values we discuss at home.  Specifically this week, our verse of the week talked about humility.  Multiple times he came home talking about how he tried to put that into practice at school.  God is so good to me, encouraging me with a kindergartner who will not only talk with me after school for as long as I like, but also one who truly desires to be the same Christian he is at home, at school.  Thank you, Lord for daily answering my prayers!  I am beyond blessed with a son like Colton.


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Love all of this!! So proud of Colton!

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Colton is such a sweetheart! Love the first lost tooth!

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