Saturday, September 23, 2017

Larkyn Updates - Preschool, Dance, Swimming, Biking

Larkyn and I are having a fantastic time together at home!  I had wondered if after school started the days would feel long with only one kid home.  Three weeks into the school year, and honestly the days fly by with us always having more we want to do than there is time for!  I love her silly, fun, sweet personality and we get along great just doing life together!  I am so thankful for my one-on-one time with her.  Here are a few updates:


Larkyn wants to do preschool every day, and despite "doing preschool" at least a half hour together most days, always wants to do more!  We have continued many of the same activities I blogged about last time, including practicing her letters and sounds, practicing writing the letters in her name, and practicing counting, but have also done many new activities.  I'll include a few pictures and videos of some of the things we have worked on lately.

Starting to learn and match lowercase letters (white spoons) with upper case letters (clear spoons)

I matched all 26 letters!

Spider Math (click for video): counting and matching "number of dots" with the numeric to make a full spider.
 Video of Spider Math:

I did it!

Practicing the difference between lowercase D, B, P, and Q.  (d,b,p,q all look similiar).

Sorting and naming the lowercase d,b,p,q letters (Click for Video)
 Video of p,d,b,q matching:

Learning the days of the week and how they "repeat" in a cycle (click for video)
 Video of learning the days of the week:

"Our Week" chart with a picture icon to help remember something that happens on that day for Larkyn, including Sunday (church), Monday (groceries/chore day), Tuesday (dance class), Wednesday (BSF), Thursday (swimming lessons), Friday Fun Day, & Saturday (Pancakes with Daddy).  (Click here for Video)



Larkyn has dance class with our friend Ms. Daria every Tuesday morning.  When I asked Larkyn what she was most looking forward to this fall, dance class (and gymnastics) was the highlight!  I don't have any pictures of gymnastics yet (although she loves her new teacher Ms. Sue!) but here are a few pictures and a sweet video from dance class.


Last week, Larkyn got to bring her tap shoes to class - and she was sooo excited and carried them in a pink Paw Patrol purse!!

Video of first tap class:


This fall, Larkyn has Ms. Ann for swimming lessons on Thursdays.  Ms. Ann is great, and is the perfect mixture of pushing Larkyn outside her comfort zone...but not too far!


 Biking and Scootering

 Larkyn LOVES biking and scootering and often asks to go outside for a bike or scooter walk.  Twist my arm ;).  I love that she enjoys being outside and being active, cause its something we enjoy doing together!
Scootering in the rain!

Biking to school with the big kids!

"Mom, I'm going to school!"

Larkyn's proud face, biking to school all by herself :)

Special Cuddles

 Being the youngest and last one at home means lots of special time with Mommy...but also with Grandma and Grandpa when they come!

I love this kiddo to pieces and am grateful for every minute I get with her!  From her entrance into this world she continues to bring joy to my life with her easy going personality and smiles!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Love it love it! Please save all those preschool ideas somewhere for me lol!!

The Baum Family said...

I love all the special time you are getting with Larkyn!

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