Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trailer Weekend with Tommerdahl Side - August 13-16th

Celebrating Javonte's Birthday at Granny's Pantry (Icecream!)
We drove up to Battle Lake, MN after work on Thursday, August 13th for an extended long weekend with everyone on Paul's side of the family.  We also were excited to celebrate brother Javonte's golden 15th birthday!  We had so much fun being with everyone and catching up, and even getting a chance to see GeeGee Sandy and Paul's cousins Morgan, Wyatt, and Kopel.  We had so much fun playing in the lake, jumping off the water trampoline and swim raft, and being wet as it was a perfectly hot and humid summer weekend.  We are so thankful for such a wonderful family and for Grandma and Grandpa T graciously hosting all of us!!! 

One highlight for all of us was going to the races on Thursday night.  Paul's Uncle Kelly drives race car #42, and it was fun for all of us to cheer him on.  Furthermore, our racecar/Lightning McQueen lover (Colton) got to experience his first REAL car race!

Larkyn was LITERALLY all smiles the whole time!

The older two with Grandma and Grandpa - intently watching the races!  Colton was surprisingly stoic the whole time - just taking everything in but not missing a beat!  Summer was an exhuberant cheerleader for most of the races!  Both kids had fun picking favorite racecars and seeing how they did!

It was really fun watching the cars slide around the corner and try to pass each other!

Larkyn kept turning around, smiling, and clapping!

Racecar Super-fan :)
 We settled into Grandma and Grandpa's trailer and the kids had fun bunking together :)  Much of the weekend was spent....
Playing with the cool tracks at Grandma and Grandpa's trailer

and the other cool toys...

eating super good food

playing bean bags

playing Farkle

Playing at the park (here Uncle Jordan was fishing for "Summer-fish" and "Hug-fish"...he caught a Summer-fish and was getting ready to grill it :)

Family 18-mile training run for the Twin Cities Marathon in extremely hot/humid weather and then jumping in the lake!
Eating dessert :)


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