Friday, August 7, 2015

Colton Soccer

Colton has SERIOUSLY been an amazing sport as we have focused a lot on his two sisters this past month (both had birthdays) and so I want to take a post a write about some of the things my little buddy has been up to...

Colton has been having a lot of fun with his soccer!  Each Tuesday night he runs hard, has lots of smiles, and enjoys doing the cheer for his "Bears" team.  He has gotten several "lucky" goals, but is definitely more "polite" on his soccer team (hesitating to take the ball from someone) as compared to when he plays with his sister in the backyard!  He still has several more weeks, but here are a few mid-season pictures...

Daddy helped coach Colton's team one week when Coach Nikki was out of town

Colton and Coach Nikki

Colton and Laney waiting for their turn to sub in

I love this boys face!  Each time he scores he comes RUNNING to me for a hug with a hugest smile on his face, like this picture!

Walking to take team pictures (I will post these when they come in the mail)
I love the outlet soccer provides for Colton's energy!  Here is a cute random video of one night before dinner, Colton set up the hose on the watertable to make a sprinkler and just ran around in circles!  I couldn't help but smile and take a video...

Colton has truly grown up in the last few months with his manners, kindness, and putting his older sister in front of himself without me asking.  I am so proud of the little boy he is growing into!

The kids completed the next round of their kindness charts...

which meant they got a movie date with each other DURING quiet time :-)  I have TRULY seen a huge different in how Colton treats his sister, and I LOVE it!!

He is also such a sweetheart with his little sister and loves her to pieces.  He loves to make her laugh (which he does quite well) and is very intentional about going over and saying hi to her or loving on her :)
Colton still LOVES Lightning McQueen - we got to stop and see him in WI on our recent roadtrip :)

Colton LOVES to play with water, and will entertain himself for a very long time with the canal/water directing portion of two splash pads we have been to, along with this water table.  It is fun to watch his mind work!

This month he has been doing awesome at writing his letters, and now has officially made all 26! He is a fast learner.  He has also been doing amazing at memorizing his verses of the week this summer.  Our goal at the beginning of the summer was to memorize 1 John 4:7-21.   We are currently up through verse 17, and he can say most of the 11 verses in a row with only the first word to start each.  I knew Summer could do it, but I am actually really impressed that Colton has been able to do so as well.  He is still the sweetest little cuddler and is really improving his empathy (Summer is rubbing off on him!) and will intentionally thank me for "all the work I do" and various other things.  He is the sweetest cuddler and giggler and I am so grateful God chose to give me a son...and not just any son, but my Colton buddy.  Love you, bud!


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