Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer's Mommy-Kiddo Birthday Date

It think my favorite part of my kids birthdays is going on a one-on-one date with them to someplace they enjoy, and getting to have special uninterrupted conversation and cuddles with just them!  This year, Summer picked to go to our local water park.  We have driven past it several times, but never gone.


Outside the water park (before I put my phone in a locker for the water part!)

We took a mid-water-park break for some popcorn, hotdogs....

and a strawberry popsicle!
My favorite memories of this date include, Summer remembering and memorizing our locker lock combination and reciting it each time we went to get something out of our locker (gosh, that girls memory is amazing!), her outgoing nature as she ordered her own snack with the most polite manners, the cuddles and talk time, the lazy river, and the cool playground with new fun stuff.  I love you Summer Tenleigh!


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